Gaviota Dragon Series  LbNA # 9932 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 2 2004
CountySanta Barbara
LocationGaviota, CA
Found By PeterK
Last Found Oct 31 2004
Hike Distance?

Long, long ago, in a land far, far away, or just off the 101 near Gaviota, there lived a fire-breathing dragon with a gastro intestinal problem named Aromatico. When he was a little dragon all the other dragons used to laugh and call him names and would never include him in any of the dragon games. One day, tired of the humiliation, he set off on his journey all alone and he came across a spring and made it his home. He would laugh and play in his spring all day. On a cool day while playing in his spring he began blowing bubbles and breathing fire into its tranquil waters. The water of the spring became warmer and warmer. The warm water was quiet relaxing and for this he was pleased. On a day like any other, a lone hiker came trudging along a trail when he started to smell something rather unusual and decided to continue along to see what it was. The dragon heard the hikerís steps and being a scaredy dragon ran to hide in a tree. While the dragon was hiding, the hiker came across the spring and decided to take a little dip. He enjoyed the spring so much; he went back home and told everyone about it. People started coming to visit the warm water of the dragonís spring and they didnít even mind the scent. He was so happy people were coming to visit his spring he has since decided to keep breathing fire into the spring and keeps it nice and warm for all those who come to see. And to this day people come and go to the dragonís nice little hot spring.

On the Trail
To follow in the footsteps of this lone hiker find the trail to Gaviota peak and Gaviota Hot Springs ($2.00 parking fee). Take this trail up, up, up to the spring. On the way, youíll come across tow trail signs directing the way. At the second sign you may find a mark left by the lone hiker if you turn right to face the little stream. Stand right over the stream and there will be a grouping of rocks. On the top, left side of the grouping youíll see a rock with some carving on it. Beneath that rock youíll find a surprise left behind by the lone hiker.

Little Dragon
Now continue on the trail to the spring and cross the little stream to the other side using the rock trail. There you will find a small trail towards another smaller spring. Watch out for the ferocious stinging nettle and the poison oak too. Continue past the little spring until you reach a gully. Stop and turn directly to your right. You will see a tree with a big gaping hole. Walk towards it and stand right in front facing the tree. Walk around the left side of the tree and you will see a smaller hole. There beneath some bark hides the little smelly dragon.