Make Way for Ducklings  LbNA # 9944

Placed DateJul 29 2004
LocationBar Harbor, ME
Found By FelixPezGirl
Last Found Aug 14 2014
Hike Distance?

Make Way for Ducklings

Last Verified, August 4, 2007-- The ducklings have a nice new box and a new logbook. We saw a deer when we checked on them, and also a seal, swimming way out in the water.

Notes from a finder, May, 2013: The tree with the blaze has snapped off, but also...the moss covered logs are barely logs anymore & the dead tree straight in front of you is now a decayed stump. We missed the box, but REALLY looked hard on the way back to find it:)
You could note that if you stand between the sentry trees and look down the trail, there is a pine growing right in the middle of the trail... To the right of this is the decomposed mossy logs....

There’s no inkpad in this box, so be sure to bring one. Brown is suggested, to match the original illustrations.

Trail is wonderful, but not at all wheelchair or stroller friendly.

Pets are not permitted.

Leave No Trace is always important, but never more so than here. You will not need to leave the trail to get the box, and be sure to be extra careful to avoid damaging the area,, and to avoid attracting attention. Stealth and care are the name of the game!

Find this box at a Point where they Conserve Nature. It’s named for Native Americans.

This is arguably one of the most beautiful spots on Mt. Desert Island, and that’s really saying something, since Mt. Desert Island is one beautiful spot after another!

Park in the lot and sign in. Drop in a contribution, if you want. The trail is well worth it!

Set off down the trail, following the yellow blazes.

After perhaps 5 minutes or so, depending on you hiking speed, you’ll come to a gravel road. Continue across it, following the yellow arrows, so you stay on the Big Wood Trail.

The trail will become steeper, and filled with more roots and rocks.

Later, as you pass between two “sentry trees,” the trail will steepen still more. Be on the lookout for the spot where you see both a yellow blaze on the left and a series of moss-covered logs on the right. [I'm told a new degree of difficulty has been introduced, as the tree with the blaze has been snapped off, so it's about 4-5 feet tall, but the blaze is no longer visible. The box is still findable, though, because others have done it, so take heart!]

The box is on the far side of the last log, less than an arm’s reach in, protected from critters by a small rock.

Almost immediately after The Spot, the trail bends to the right, so as you stand beside the box, you should see a dead tree straight ahead of you.

The box is about a half mile in, but do walk the whole trail (just under a mile) and continue to the shore. Seals are often visible sunning themselves on the islands off the shoreline.