Ordway  LbNA # 9952

Placed DateAug 8 2004
LocationNorway, ME
Planted ByTesla    
Found By phynstar
Last Found Jul 18 2015
Hike Distance?

How to get there:

On the western end of Main Street in Norway (Rte.117) there is a north/south road by the name of Pleasant Street. Take this two blocks (pass Maple Street) and the entrance to the Grove is opposite the second house on the right. There is a small pull-off area for parking.


Tucked away in the town of Norway
stands a grove by the name of Ordway.

Follow the path keeping to your right,
don't let any detail out of sight...

you will pass several skeletons of giants
but do not remove a thing, please be compliant!
(except, of course, litter)

In a clearing are a pine and two oak
marking this tranquil trail for you, kind folk.

From here it is a piece of cake,
down, then up, keep facing the lake....

Enchanted fairy house down to your left
and right, a dam of rocks, don't be bereft.

Towards these take fourteen paces,
treasure awaits, but no traces.

Clamber over a few, but for ankles beware!
'Cause there's a rock like a triangle resting there.

Search well, nearby, and be so discreet,
replace so stone is firm underfeet.

Once your treasure you have found,
take some time to share these grounds.

These great white pines are the oldest and tallest
on the eastern coast, making us feel the smallest.