Box needs first aid - see comments in Status page MI CA-T (My Cat)  LbNA # 9983

OwnerMunchkin Stamper    
Placed DateAug 10 2004
LocationMackinaw City, MI
Found By Tisket-Tasket
Last Found Sep 30 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 16 2015

Sept 2012 - This box was confirmed and in good condition. I am unable to get back up there at this time to replace the book but please feel free to visit this letterbox so you can stamp it in your logbook.

There is a Geocache close by and so if you find any "trinkets" in this letterbox, please through them away. The only thing that should be in the box is the stamp and the journal. Thanks.

Terrain: Easy
Distance: Very Short
Bring with you: stamp pad and pen or pencil

This box was created by letterboxer Ron from California and has been placed in Michigan by Munchkin Stamper.

This letterbox is located in Mackinaw City, Michigan, the furthest northern point of the lower peninsula. Mackinaw City offers it's breathtaking view of the famous Mackinaw Bridge which travelers drive across to reach the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Also nearby are the docks and ferry boats that take passengers to the one and only Mackinac Island. Come and stay awhile!


Find the Traveler's Welcome Center at Mackinaw City on Nicolet Street (also called M 108). Enter the welcome center by driving into the parking lot at the south entrance (it's a one way in). Follow the parking lot around to the right to the very last grill at the North East corner of the area. Stand right in front of the grill facing East. Walk 9 paces and stop. Move a 1/2 a turn to your left. Now walk 20 paces North East at 50 degrees and you will see a group of trees next to the fence. (I've been told that they sometimes dump old ashes on the ground as you move towards these tree so be careful where you step). This group of trees consists of 2 small birch, 1- 8" around birch and some small pines. Under the concrete disk at the base and the small birch logs you will find the MI CA-T letterbox with hand carved stamp. Please be discrete, this area may be well traveled at peak times and hide it better than you found it.

All emails much appreciated on the status of this letterbox.