The Underwear Drawer  LbNA # 9995

Placed DateAug 8 2004
Location???, PA
Found By
Last Found
Hike Distance?

A Laceyville woman recently had her stamp stolen
from her bedroom by an unknown prowler. The prowler
also rifled through the woman's underwear drawer where the vicitm stated she kept numerous stamps collected while roaming around the country.

In the 1200 block of Oak Grove Avenue, at 7:40 p.m.,
police responded to a report about a suspected

The victim reported to police a series of odd events.
Just after 10 p.m. on Aug. 8, the victim noticed her
bedroom window was off its track. The next night, the
victim's husband was awakened by a loud noise and
saw a shadow near the woman's window.

A few days later -- when the victim noticed a workout
bench moved from one window at her home to another --
she decided to call the police.

At first, the victim had not noticed anything missing,
but upon investigation of the scene, she noticed the
drawer that held her underwear had been opened and the stamp stolen from the secret box she kept there.

The stamp in question was described as having a large "K" on it. The victim did not give any further description.