A giant Indian  Bakersfield, CA
Edwin Waller  Pattison, TX
Birdhouse  Needham, MA
Morgan Massacre  Pattison, TX
Anne's Tablet, and Robinson's Folly  Town of Mackinac Island, MI
Good Grief!  Glastonbury, CT
Pass the Biscuits, Pappy - Texas Governors Series  Dallas, TX
Benjamin Tarbox's Tree  Middletown, CT
Silver Lake Train Station  Silver Lake, NH
Watermelon Thump  Luling, TX
Mellow Velo  Austin, TX
Quilt Codes  Andover, MA
The Carry  Wolfeboro, NH
Here Come the Judge  Pattison, TX
Spooky Gettysburg I  Gettysburg, PA
"Bakertown Cemetery"  Buchanan, MI
Solar System - Saturn  Bristol, RI
Two Camp  Sugar Land, TX