Tile Fun in Massachusetts  Groton, MA
Jessica's Boundless Playground  Belchertown, MA
Lady Slipper  Hendersonville, NC
A Breeze in the Trees at CPL  Cumberland, RI
The State Room at CPL  Cumberland, RI
First Congregational Church Letterbox  Canterbury, CT
Prudence Crandall House Letterbox  Canterbury, CT
GSGST Troop 9844  Skidmore, TX
Pioneers of the Park  Danville, IL
Country Critters  Danville, IL
My Vinky Was a Key!  East Hartford, CT
My Kind of Day!  Wallingford, CT
Positive Vibes  Somerville, MA
Dog Paw  Snohomish, WA
Father Marquette Visits Iowa  Marquette, IA
Wisconsin History Mystery: House on the Mound  ???, WI
Finding Cornelius  Media, PA
Loudoun Lady  Bluemont, VA