El Adobe  San Juan Capistrano, CA
Fuller Public Library the Second  hillsboro, NH
Color Your Own  South Windsor, CT
Shaw Nature Reserve (not planted yet, sorry.)  St. Louis, MO
Bunny's Burrow  Norfolk, CT
Legendary Lake Louise  Lake Louise, ALB
Whoz We Are Switzerland Bumblebee  ???, TX
The black cat  Middlefield, CT
ApocalypseTortoise (gishwhes 2017)  Los Angeles, CA
Beautiful Banff  Banff, ALB
Play Ball!  East Hartford, CT
It's a four-letter word  East Hartford, CT
A Belated Gishwhes Letterbox  Lempster, NH
How Do You Doodle?  South Windsor, CT
SKP airport  Macedonia, INT
Mortality  Macedonia, INT
Sanatorium  Macedonia, INT
Rosebud  Andover, MA