HEAD of Lettuce  LbNA # 14097 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 31 2005
LocationTrinidad, CA
Found By winged gypsy
Last Found Apr 16 2009
Hike Distance?

This hike is about an hour round trip.

Take 101 north and take the Trinidad Exit. At the stop sign go left. Continue on this road through town. At the Lighthouse curve right and continue on down the hill to beach parking area. Near the backside of this parking area to the left is a sign - Trinidad Head Trails - this is where the journey begins. Go up the steps, once at the top of the steps take a right. Go up the paved road until you get to the 1st set of 3 benches, take a right onto the gravel trail. Find the 2nd set of 3 benches, a few steps up the path past this will be fork in the trail - take a left and head up. There will be a 3rd set of 4 benches, continue on (or enjoy the view). Next you are looking for a single bench. Once you reach this point - take a right up the side trail and go to the top - amazing view. This is where I was originally going to plant this box - Thank god I went back at the beginning of spring - poison oak was just starting to sprout everywhere. The trails are well maintained here but I just did not want anyone to have to reach into bushes. After you have soaked up the beauty head back down the trail. Sit on the single bench. Behind the bench on the right are 3-4 medium rocks in a pile, the box is under this pile. Make sure the trail is clear of people and that it is well hidden under these rocks again. Once I spotted the poison oak I had to find a location that there was not even a sign of poison oak hence this spot. Once you have stamped continue on the trail - this trail wraps around the entire mountain and is just incredible. There are trail signs that lead you back to the parking area. enjoy!
On your way out there is a Marine Labratory on the left up the road - if you have kids it's worth stopping in. There is a starfish tank to touch and hold them. There is also an octopus in one of the viewing tanks. Also, the Eatery right in town has great food.