Park Springs Park Box  LbNA # 30290 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 22 2007
LocationBentonville, AR
Planted ByStamper Bee    
Found By purple butterflies
Last Found Nov 1 2007
Hike Distance?

sorry, it was reported to me that this one has been vandalized and is missing.

To get to Park Springs Park, go north on A St. from the intersection of A and Central. Take a left on 9th street and a right on B. B St. will curve into C St. - here you will find the park.
On the east side of the park is the nature trailhead. Follow trail to set of steps made from logs. Turn right and take the steps down the hill. Take a right at the bottom of the steps. Follow trail and take a left after 2nd bridge. You will see a park bench on your right. Go 10 paces past park bench and take a left. Go 10 more paces and there will be a large tree on your left. There is a large rock leaning against the base of the tree. Remove the leaves and rocks between the large rock and the base of the tree and you will find a coffee can - that's the letterbox!
A nature trail guide is available at the Chamber of Commerce. There's a small park with swings for the little letterboxers :)
If you are from out of town, head back to the square and have a cheeseburger at the station cafe - YUM! A few doors down is the original Walton 5 and Dime.