The Great Hider  LbNA # 30584 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 2 2007
LocationFlagstaff, AZ
Planted ByJMJT Explorers    
Found By Travelling Gnome515
Last Found Sep 2 2007
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 16 2015


Sinclair Wash Flagstaff Urban Trail
Dificulty: Walk & Clues: Easy
Walk time: about 20 minutes one way
Updated: 7/30/07 - Status good.

This is a great adventure for kids and first timers. There are many easy to find clues close together. The trail is well maintained with cinders for bicycles or bicycle wheel type strollers.

Start near the corner of South Lone Tree Road and South Brannen Circle (map at You can park on Brannen Circle.
Head East on the Sinclair Wash trail over the bridge and through the woods. Just past the bridge is a "you are here." Flagstaff Urban Trail trail sign identifying the Sindair Wash Trail. Very shortly, you will come to the first Sanitary Sewer Manhole within 5 feet of the edge of the trail, this one on the left of the trail. The letterbox is just after the eighth manhole (all manholes counted are within 5 feet of the edge of the trail.) Don't worry about losing your count or missing a manhole, There are other clues.
The trail turns right, crosses the main wash, turns left, then turns right again. You will see a building with a lot of windows at the city park on the top of the hill to the left. There is a trail going up to the park so if the hike is not enough, a side trip to the park would be fun. You will pass a light brown house at the top of the hill to the right. Next you will pass a side wash on the right with a manhole in it. This wash heads up to two houses at the top. The trail then curves to the right with a manhole to the left. Then you pass another manhole about ten feet up a side wash on the right. Now watch for a large rock about 10 foot high 15 foot wide just next to the trail on the right. To the left of the trail, down by the main wash, you will see a red post with "Caution Reclaimed Water Valve" written on it. At the top of the hill, behind the big rock is a yellow house with green trim.

Facing the big rock next to the trail, walk up the left side of the big rock. Standing next to the big rock you will see a vertical rock wall about 20 feet ahead. In the vertical wall, about four feet above ground, you will see two holes each about a foot wide and about three feet apart. The two holes connect to make a small tunnel. The letterbox is in that tunnel. Rarely but sometimes on very hot days, snakes like to curl up in cool rock holes so you may want to poke a stick into the holes before reaching in.

Please rehide the letterbox in the tunnel so it cannot be seen.

Contact me if the box needs attention: