Rattlesnake Canyon  LbNA # 40272

Placed DateMay 20 2008
CountyLos Angeles
LocationChatsworth, CA
Planted ByLifetish    
Found By Oregon Cowgirl
Last Found Aug 22 2009
Hike Distance?

My first letterbox!
Easy hike if the weather is pleasant. From parking lot you can be at the box in minutes.

The views are wonderful here. You can see what was once the Chatsworth Reservoir – now a coolie. There are so many monolithic boulders to climb. Listen for the peacock that cries often from a nearby farm.

This box is on a trail at Chatsworth Oak Park. This park is off of Plummer which runs parallel between the 101 and the 118 (Plummer is a bit closer to the 118 than the 101).

Take Topanga Canyon Blvd to get to Plummer. Turn west onto Plummer. Oak Park, or as we nicknamed it "Rattlesnake Canyon", will be on your RIGHT less than one mile down.
Park in the lot and look for the biggest rock in the grass field.
Once standing on top of that rock with your back to the parking lot you will see a bunch of boulders on the top of the horizon line, you want to look for "the Bookend Boulders." They will be your guides to orient yourself for the day.

The rock you are standing on, naturally slopes downward. Follow that slope with your eyes and you will see the two trails with a yellow and white cautionary sign between them. Take the left trail of the two.

Go to the first big tree, about 150 paces. Enjoy its shade if it’s a hot day. Eyeball the Book ends again and take the trail that goes in that direction for another 100 paces. It will be set on an incline.

At the next copse of trees (holly bushes grown into trees) and boulders find the biggest rock and climb it to the top (shaped just like the one near the parking lot, but bigger). From the top again follow the slope down with your eyes and take the trail in the direction of the slope of that rock.

You will be walking up an incline with a bit of a curve (about 200 paces). Just as the trail seems to go from incline to level is a great place to turn around and enjoy the view. A few paces beyond where the trail starts to level off you will be waist high rocks on both sides vs brush or dirt. Ten paces ahead, there is a rock that the trail will veer slightly around. That's the spot. On the far side of this rock is the letterbox sitting in a nest of dry grass hidden under a small rock. I recommend that you stand on that rock and look over - you'll see the smaller rock. it will be easy to grab and will reveal the letterbox.

Please be sure not to place the box under the big rock more than 50% so it is easily seen and within reach from squatting above the rock. I do not want any one to have to forage for a box if they are afraid of snakes.

Enjoy the surroundings if you have time to further explore. This is the most traversed group of trails of my family.