The Haunted Javelina  LbNA # 44428 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 1 2008
LocationScottsdale, AZ
Planted Byjunior jaguars    
Found By Cherith
Last Found Dec 24 2009
Hike Distance?

The Haunted Javelina Letterbox is located in the McDowell Mountain Ranch community in Scottsdale. It can be found along scenic paved desert trails in the community trail network. From the 101, head east on Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd. Turn left on Thompson Peak Parkway. Cross the canal and turn right on McDowell Mountain Ranch Road. Turn right on 104th Street, then right on 102nd Street. Take an immediate right into the parking lot.

The hunt for the Haunted Javelina begins when you locate the mysterious dark olive green metal box at the south end of the parking lot, just across 102nd Street. Take the sidewalk 150 degrees back to the corner of 102nd and 104th. Cross 102nd then turn east and cross 104th. Turn 90 degrees to the south, and locate the trailhead (paved sidewalk) of the Mule Deer Trail.

Follow the Mule Deer Trail east, all the while enjoying the beautiful desert landscape to the south. (To the north is a row of retail shops and offices, but your focus to the south will enhance your desert experience.)

Soon you will come upon a dark, scary tunnel. Do not fear ghosts or goblins! Bravely travel on through the tunnel, then stop.

Once you have reached the end of the tunnel, continue traveling along Mule Deer Trail 50 paces. You will come to the trailhead for the Javelina Trail. At the fork of the Mule Deer Trail and the Javelina Trail, be brave and turn 90 degrees north.

Continue north for 35 paces along the Javelina trail. Locate the spooky-looking mesquite tree on the east side of the trail. Just north of the mesquite tree, locate the large saguaro haunted hotel. Be not afraid!

In between the spooky mesquite and the haunted hotel saguaro is a small clearing with a path leading from it. Turn 90 degrees east and follow the clearing path 10 paces.

To the south, locate the tall stone cairn (if it has not been knocked over by the trail’s wild namesake!). Within a few paces you will find a splendid specimen of the Arizona State Tree on the north side of the path.

A second stone cairn is east of this tree, and just beyond the cairn to the north you will find The Haunted Javelina Letterbox mysteriously hidden beneath stones and twigs. Once you have experienced the thrill of finding the treasure, please re-hide it carefully beneath the rocks.

This letterbox is the first placed by a Junior Girl Scout troop from Scottsdale, Arizona. The Haunted Javelina was placed on November 1, in the “hours following All-Hallow’s Eve,” on the Javelina Trail. This inspired the box’s name; there aren’t really any spooky ghosts or goblins to be found. But there is a First Finder's Certificate, along with a small treat.

Enjoy, and happy haunting – err, hunting!