Mango Root  LbNA # 44533

Placed DateNov 11 2008
CountyBritish Virgin Islands
LocationChristiansted St Croix, BVI
Planted ByPattrich    
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Last EditedSep 8 2016

Mango Root

If Yo' Put Yo' Ear to a Mango Root, Yo' Will Hear a Crab Cough"
Roughly translated, this Cruzan proverb means that if you are willing to look hard enough, you will discover some real treasures...happy "hunting".

Your search begins at Fort Christiansvaen, one of the five remaining Danish forts in the Virgin Islands. Facing the entrance of the Fort, go left down the grassy knoll past the white gazebo to the water's edge. Find yourself a corner bench, sit yourself down, meditate a bit, and soon, a "ferry" will appear to take you to Protestant Cay.

Four dolla' round trip will bring you to this tiny cay in the Christiansted Harbor that is home to a luxury resort.
Once ashore, you will pass under seven different flags of governments past and present: Spain, Great Britain, The Netherlands, France, The Knights of Malta, Denmark and the United States. Proceeding off the pier, head North (make a left) along the beach path to the favorite watering hole of the Harbor Master. Sit and quench your thirst with one of the many popular Island drinks such as a "Dream Sickle" or a "Harbor Master's Delight"...and maybe grab a bite to eat.

Continue East past the gated swimming pool to the spiral staircase. There will be a sign "private property" but as Woody Guthrie lyriced: "You'll see a sign that says Private Property...on the other side, it doesn't say nothin'...that side was made for you and me"

Wind your way up the 26 steps of the spiral staircase to the wooden platform with a sweet view of the sailboat anchorage. Turn around and head East past the plaza courtyard on the left, the site of many a wedding, perhaps even yours.

At the end of the concrete walkway, make a left, heading North past a corner building which houses the meeting room. Seeing the two unfinished wanabe Washington Monuments on either side of the walkway assures you that you are headed in the right direction.

Head East Northeast, bearing right onto the black rubble road. Perhaps take a rest on one of the two benches to watch the waves breaking on the reef, a seaplane taking off, or spy Judith's Fancy, the point of land way off north.

Continue down the black rubble road past the gated Harbor Master's cottage. The path swings around in a Southward direction. From the large Yucca type plant on the left with the carved initials, count approximately l28 paces and on the right you will come upon a large concrete cistern, a relic of the Cay's Cruzan past.

Trudge on down the trail along the water until you come to the faded yellow (beige) building trimmed in blue. Make a left, than a quick right, then another right along side the building to the end of the pier. Make a left onto the rickety pier. Look out across the water to the backside of the Fort, perhaps taking a few moments to watch a boat cruise by the channel.

Now point yourself East and looking back to Protestant Cay: KaBoom! ......, there it is, the "hole" answer.

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Patt & Rich