Cloverdales 2010 series #1 - Pixie Perfect  LbNA # 56570 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 28 2010
CountyLos Angeles
LocationTorrance, CA
Planted ByCloverdales 2010    
Found By Boo 2
Last Found Apr 21 2011
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4-H pledge…
I pledge...
My head to clearer thinking,
My heart to greater loyalty,
My hands to larger service,
My health to better living
for my club, my community,
my country and my world.

Welcome to the Fountain Valley 4-H Cloverdales 2010 Letterboxing Project series! The club has members from both Orange and Los Angeles counties. To find out more about 4-H, please visit the state website:
“Pixie Perfect” is box one of the series and has been placed in Torrance, California at La Romeria Park. The park is one of many in this lovely South Bay city. (But this one is a perfect destination for a pixie picnic!)

Start at the big “redwood” park sign. Walk in a northerly direction across the downward slope towards the “grove” of trees, picnic tables, and BBQ’s. Advance to the “Hot Coals Only” box. Continue in a westerly manner down the hill. Head towards the back of the baseball diamond. Go around the back of the green bleachers, ignore the first tree with the many branches and continue SW towards the second tree with the branch along the ground. Stand facing west, looking to line up the edge of the house (behind the fence) in your sights…you should be about midway between the” long branch” on the ground and the two “trunks” of the tree. The box is located under the ivy, some dirt, and many leaves, close to the branch.
**Please remember to hide the box as you found it! Replace the stamp and ink in the baggie, and the log book in its own baggie. This is a very popular park, with year round activities. Please use stealth when retrieving and replanting! **