Chicken @ the Sheep pasture  LbNA # 62872

Placed DateAug 16 2012
LocationNRT sheep pasture, Easton, MA
Found By Nairon
Last Found Jan 21 2023
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 30 2015

Chicken in the pasture.

This letterbox is hidden at the Sheep pasture in Easton MA. There are all sorts of trails and animals to explore here. There is also 3 other Letterboxes on the property. ( American pride at whale rock, one potato/ two potato and whales tail)

Directions - coming from Brockton area,
From Route 24 follow to Route 123 West bound. Follow approx. 1 mile to a light - you can only go left or right - a CVS will be in front of you. Take a right - keeping Stonehill College/Holy Cross property on your right. At the 2nd light, take a left. Almost immediatly, you will see a house on your left with a small driveway beside it. This is the entrance to the park.

Upon pulling in, you will see a red barn on your right. Continue down the paved way until you come to another set of red buildings and a small parking area. This is the parking area for members only - the road turns up to the right and up a small hill. Follw this the the next parking area on your right. This is where non member parking is located.

To the box...........
From the visitor parking head left towards the red buildings, which you just passed. Walk the gravel driveway just passed the first red building in the right. (stop and see the chickens, hens and roosters located behind the red building. This also is a picnic area.) Follow the gravel road to the picnic area on your right and a red building to your left. Walk down to the end. There's a path that goes into the woods but your not going that way take a right so your walking the gravel path past the last chicken coop. You will come to a little dock on the left, you may hear a bull frog, keep following the path until you can see the big field. At the end of the path before the next gravel road meets there is a round circle of cement with 3 pieces of round silver pipe inserted in it ( like a little stepping stone). Stand on it and turn and face the way you came. As your looking down the path you just walked take about 24 adult steps back down the path, look to your right and find a triple trunk tree. Walk to the tree just about 4 feet off the path, with your back towards the trunk of the tree ( facing away from the path) there is a big rock to your left. The chicken rooster is hidden under the big rock. We placed a smaller rock under the big rock to keep the chicken safe! Please re hide! If you wish to return to your car go up the path towards the field and take a right, follow the gravel road and it leads you back to the visitors parking area.

This letter box is stroller friendly.

Little kids love seeing the cows, goats and miniature horses that are near the entrance. You can easily spend and hour or two here!