Cochie Windmill  LbNA # 64022

Placed DateFeb 14 2013
LocationTortolita Mountains, Marana, AZ
Planted ByAZBlueLion    
Found By Baqash
Last Found Feb 6 2018
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 25 2015

Hike Length: 12.0 miles
Location: Tortolita Mountains, Marana, Arizona

Directions to Trailhead:
The Wild Burro trailhead is at 14810 North Secret Springs Drive, off Dove Mountain Road, accessed from Tangerine Road. To reach the trailhead drive up Dove Mountain Road until you reach a roundabout and make a right into the Ritz-Carlton resort. When you reach the gate pull into the guest lane and tell the gatekeeper you’ll be hiking. Access and parking to the trail is free of charge. The trailhead parking is located on the third right after you leave the gatehouse.

Hiking Instructions:
Maps of the Tortolita Mountains Trails are available at the Wild Burro Trailhead and trails are clearly marked throughout the trail system.
This letterbox can be found near the end of the Cochie Springs trail in the Tortolita Mountains.
• Wild Burro Trail to the Upper Javelina Trail - 1.5 mi
• Upper Javelina Trail to the Wild Mustang Trail - 0.9 mi
• Wild Mustang Trail to the Cochie Spring Trail Junction - 0.4 mi
• Cochie Spring Trail to the Remains of Dam just past the Windmill - 3.2 mi
• Return the same way
• Total miles = 12.0 with 645 foot elevation gain

There isn’t much shade in the Tortolitas. Be prepared.

The Clue:
When you reach the windmill, stand ten feet from its center in front of the south side (the side with the ladder) (standing too close to the windmill affects the compass). 80° from magnetic north there are two prominent and large saguaro cactuses on top of a ledge. The one in the front with 8-9 arms is where the box is located. On the east side of the giant saguaro is a large boulder and on the east side of the boulder is some SPOR camouflaging the letterbox.