Rainbows and Unicorns  LbNA # 67961

Placed DateNov 22 2014
CountyContra Costa
LocationBriones Regional Park, Martinez, CA
Planted ByRainbows and Unicorns    
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Rainbows and Unicorns

Enter Briones Regional Park entrance off Reliez Valley road in Martinez
Enter the park through the green gate
There will be a Briones directory to your right
There will be a pathway going right and one going left, take the path that goes right
You will walk approximately 35 steps and come to a fork in the road
Take the path going left
Follow the path for quote a while (the path will mainly go straight, there will be no other forks in the road)
You will eventually reach a small canyon looking thing in nature with a small stream flowing through it if there has been a lot of rain and there will be a little natural ridge pathway to walk over it
You will continue on the path and pass a lot of fallen trees and overhanging branches (watch out!)
You will continue on the path until you reach an opening from the trees into a meadow
Once you reach the meadow you will see two small trees on opposite sides of the path about 50 steps ahead of you
Once you reach those two trees look to your right and you will see a bush and some shrubbery
Walk forward and with a stick move the leaves and shrubbery out of the way and you will find the letter box