The Semi Mystery Box  LbNA # 739 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 18 2003
CountyLos Angeles
LocationWhittier, CA
Found By Lee & Nancy
Last Found Mar 12 2005
Hike Distance?

Replaced 8/20/2003 + bonus box.
* The place is a city park.
* Most cities have a downtown this city has the oposite.
* The park is in this area.
* Abbreviation of Pennsylvania.

Main entrance of this park has a sign made of red brick and a red
brick path. Follow the red brick path to a water fountain with shade.
From this point go in the directiion of 150 deg. You will spot a
playground. Continue past the playground on the red brick path until
you find something that is like a card game with four directions.
Go to the middle and you may hear water. In the same direction you
were heading you will see a wrought iron arch with a lantern hanging
from it. Go under the arch and pick up the red brick path again. This
path can now be taken in three directions, take the middle path.
At the beginning of the middle path take 25 paces to the Y in the
path.You will want to take the path that goes uphill.
At the beginning of this path are retaining walls on both sides of
the path, go 20 paces to a large tree on your left.
The retaining wall at the tree goes up one level. The wall is made of
broken concrete stones. At the tree start at the lower level of
stones and count back 11 stones (heading west). The 10th stone is a
light gray triangle. The 11th stone is large, underneath is your
treasure. Please take the usual precautions, and make sure the box is hidden from view and covered! Hope you enjoy this very old and very beautiful park!
Thanks, Jam n Jelly
* Bonus Box added 8/20/2003
From the first box continue on the trail to a wooden foot bridge. At the bridge is a waterfall on the right that runs under the bridge. You will need to continue on the path at 60 deg. as you walk on the path you will come to a sign, "Please Keep Off Banks" on your right. From this sign you will need to walk north, this will take you up a hill and directly to another sign, "Please Keep Out of Shrubery". The box is now above your head.