Daddy's Hanukkah Letterbox  LbNA # 76405

Placed DateJan 22 2023
LocationAllandale Woods, Boston, MA
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Last Found
Hike Distance1-2 mi
Last EditedJan 22 2023

Park at the Allandale Woods lot at 75 VFW Parkway, next to the Our Lady of the Annunciation Church. This letterbox path follows The Great Wall of Jamaica Plain (more info here:

1. Look at the map at the trailhead and find something orange, count the letters inside and remember that number for later.
2. Start walking on the path and stop at the bridge.
3. Turn right onto the path that goes up and to the right of the brook.
4. When you reach the wall turn left and follow the wall.
5. As you walk along the wall, count gaps (where you have to get down and get back up onto the wall) and trunks fallen over the wall.
6. The wall goes uphill and turns right. Continue to follow the wall.
7. The wall turns left. Keep following the wall.
8. Walk until the wall crumbles and then turn left onto a path.
9. You will come to a rock in the middle of the path, take the small path on the left just before the rock.
10. Follow the path until you see a small clearing on your right. Stop when you are alongside the clearing.
11. Keep following the same path and take the number of steps that equals:
(gaps + trunks) x 4.
12. Do you remember the number from the map at the beginning? Take that number of steps to the left, going off the path. Step over two puddingstone rocks, one of which is mossy.
13. The letterbox is in a hole at the bottom of the left of the two trees.

This box was created by two Jamaica Plain kids for their dad's Hanukkah present in 2022. Enjoy!