Pima, Arizona Letterbox (new location)  Pima, AZ
Animals In The Cemetery The Lion  Easton, CT
Locks of Luck  Torrington, CT
Animals In Cemeterys #17 My Puppy  Southbury, CT
Animals In Cemeterys #16 The Bear  Middlebury, CT
Donnie Darko  Monrovia, CA
Flower Power  Monrovia, CA, CA
Adventures in Letterboxing  Wimberley, TX
Bun 'n Burger 1941  Alhambra, CA
Mater  Corsicana, TX
Nature Trail  Somers, CT
June Second, 1911 (Alarum Clock)  ???, MA
NORMS 1957  Beverly Hills, CA
Cobble Rock  North Smithfield, RI
Daff0dil  Coventry, CT
Symbols of America  Coventry, CT (2)
Symbols of America  Coventry, CT (5)
The Path to Enlightenment, or Certain Confusion  Coventry, CT