Did you ever dream of being...

...an adventurous pirate in search of hidden treasure?

...or an early American explorer discovering new uncharted lands?

...or maybe a famous detective following clues to solve a mystery?

Wouldn't it be really cool if you could go out on your
very OWN adventures with your friends and family?...

...and maybe even search for clues to REAL hidden treasures?

"Letterboxing Kids!"  is a great place to learn how to go on a real-life treasure hunt with your friends and family.

You will discover a fun outdoor activity that combines treasure hunting with rubber stamping. We will even show you how to create your very own rubber stamps. Soon you will be able to make a letterbox and hide it for your friends to find.

By clicking the pictures on the next page, you will discover lots of fun activities that will help prepare you for your own letterboxing adventures...

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