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Box NameOwnerNearby CityCounty    
Friendship - relocated 7/19/11TrailMix Shelton, CTFairfield
"Beach Baby" Pin-UpFlutterby Flew By???, CTFairfield
Another BugSojourner???, CTFairfield
Chim Cher-oobeernut???, CTFairfield
Commander of Flying Saucer X-2TrailMix???, CTFairfield
Corporate BonusTrailhead Tessie???, CTFairfield
CT Blue-Blazed Trails - 2Sojourner???, CTFairfield
Go For Par On The 19th Hole MysteryLetterboxer2002???, CTFairfield
GOPJ. Peter???, CTFairfield
Open Space - Fairfield, CT. bonus boxSojourner???, CTFairfield
Where is Moby-Dick?TrailMix???, CTFairfield
Sweetly Sang the RobinPost Mystress????, CTFairfield
Bethel by NightZurcherBethel, CTFairfield
Bogus Newt on Terre HauteZurcherBethel, CTFairfield
Fun with FaithPD ExpressBethel, CTFairfield
IslandSprocketBethel, CTFairfield
MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE (Insecticon Letterbox)Skip & TJBethel, CTFairfield
Queen Purple BoaMoltenJavaBethel, CTFairfield
Transparent Eyeball LetterboxWeissyBethel, CTFairfield
TRAX AND STAX III (4)Skip & TJBotsford, CTFairfield
FOOTLONG (third bite) (relocated 3.18.11)Skip & TJBotsford/Newtown, CTFairfield
Baqash Was In CTBaqashBradley Park, Wilton, CTFairfield
Bridgeport Public Library (2)BPLTeenCafe925Bridgeport, CTFairfield
Connecticut's Beardsley ZoocooledcoyoteBridgeport, CTFairfield
CONSTELLATION LETTERBOXES (6)TrailMixBridgeport, CTFairfield
FOOTLONG (second bite)Skip & TJBridgeport, CTFairfield
It's Groundhog DayDino DonBridgeport, CTFairfield
Sacred Heart University (2)MattandashtonBridgeport, CTFairfield
SOLAR SYSTEM LETTERBOXES (10)Skip & TJBridgeport, CTFairfield
E Lax StickCJ3_ELaxBrookfield, CTFairfield
Pushing Up Daisies #75pawcaBrookfield, CTFairfield
Sacred Order of the StonecuttersNifferCos Cob, CTFairfield
The Naked LadyThe River Committee!Cos Cob, CTFairfield
The River KeeperThe River CommitteeCos Cob, CTFairfield
3B BoxM-BunnyDanbury, CTFairfield
A Man's Best FriendBirdyDanbury, CTFairfield
A Pileated WoodpeckerCurlytop77Danbury, CTFairfield
Bear Mountain Reservation (3)Letterboxer2002Danbury, CTFairfield
Clark's Trading PostcooledcoyoteDanbury, CTFairfield
Dancing CatM-BunnyDanbury, CTFairfield
Great Easter Egg Hunt 2011: Little Chickchrysann74Danbury, CTFairfield
Great Plain CemeteryRyshaDanbury, CTFairfield
Ives Center (2)JessicaBDanbury, CTFairfield
Ives Trail Playlist (6)cooledcoyoteDanbury, CTFairfield
Kenosia ParkRyshaDanbury, CTFairfield
Little Snake In The WallCurlytop77Danbury, CTFairfield
Long Ridge UMC (3)hikermikerDanbury, CTFairfield
MARCUS DAIRYKaren & K9sDanbury, CTFairfield
One Dollar LeftpawcaDanbury, CTFairfield
OQNC Salute to Women (2)cooledcoyoteDanbury, CTFairfield
Richter Park LetterboxCurlytop77Danbury, CTFairfield
The Haunted Mansion (3)cooledcoyoteDanbury, CTFairfield
This One's 4 TTRubaducDanbury, CTFairfield
Welcome to AlabamapawcaDanbury, CTFairfield
Flustered ChickenJ. PeterDarien, CTFairfield
Imperfection ReflectionArdeaDarien, CTFairfield
School Days! We Love the Ox Ridge Owls!funthoughtDarien, CTFairfield
Stony Brook ParkJ. PeterDarien, CTFairfield
The AxJ. PeterDarien, CTFairfield
The unexpected momentAdoptableDerby, CTFairfield
Boxes at Samuel Senior ParkAnneEaston, CTFairfield
Curds & Wheyk102988Easton, CTFairfield
House on the HillJ. PeterEaston, CTFairfield
Mixed Nuts (5)Trailhead TessieEaston, CTFairfield
Poindexter Nature PreserveTrailhead TessieEaston, CTFairfield
RIDDLES IN THE DARK - the fourthSkip & TJEaston, CTFairfield
Trout Brook Valley #1 The Black KnightJ. PeterEaston/Weston, CTFairfield
Trout Brook Valley #15 Tastes Like ChickenJ. PeterEaston/Weston, CTFairfield
Trout Brook Valley #20 The Victorian BookJ. PeterEaston/Weston, CTFairfield
Trout Brook Valley #24 Think SnowJ. PeterEaston/Weston, CTFairfield
Trout Brook Valley #34 The ObserverJ. PeterEaston/Weston, CTFairfield
Trout Brook Valley #4 The Burgundian CastleJ. PeterEaston/Weston, CTFairfield
Trout Brook Valley #5 The Vulture in WashingtonJ. PeterEaston/Weston, CTFairfield
"I went to the woods because..."k102988Fairfield, CTFairfield
Always Measure TwiceThe CostawongsFairfield, CTFairfield
Art Around the Lake (2)SojournerFairfield, CTFairfield
Art Deco Letterboxes (2)MaryAnn & ScottFairfield, CTFairfield
Back to School (2)J. PeterFairfield, CTFairfield
Birdcraftjem_heistFairfield, CTFairfield
Cumberland Farms Chill Zone (14)Dino DonFairfield, CTFairfield
Doing Our BestDen 9 leaderFairfield, CTFairfield
DualityJ. PeterFairfield, CTFairfield
Expedition Everestk102988Fairfield, CTFairfield
Monkey boyfaerie princessFairfield, CTFairfield
Nature Boy's Bonus BoxthegeckoguysFairfield, CTFairfield
Octopus's Garden in the Shadek102988Fairfield, CTFairfield
Old AcademyThaddeus Burr C.A.R.Fairfield, CTFairfield
Pixie Hollow #4: FawncooledcoyoteFairfield, CTFairfield
Snake in the TreesJ. PeterFairfield, CTFairfield
Somethin's Buggin' Me (5)thegeckoguysFairfield, CTFairfield
SPOKESgsgeekFairfield, CTFairfield
Thinking of England (2)J. PeterFairfield, CTFairfield
Thinking of New OrleansJ. PeterFairfield, CTFairfield
Thunderbirds Are Go! (7)Dino DonFairfield, CTFairfield
Duo BoxersDuo BoxerGreenwich, CTFairfield
Four Corners of Connecticut: SouthwestCeltic RootsGreenwich, CTFairfield
Holly Grove LetterboxmgoffGreenwich, CTFairfield
Overlook Letterbox (3)mgoffGreenwich, CTFairfield
Rotten Log Letterboxes (3)mgoffGreenwich, CTFairfield
View From The HeadcooledcoyoteHamden, CTFairfield
The Star(s) and Stripe(s) (CT#4)faerie princessMonroe, CTFairfield
12 Months in a Year - NovemberTrailMixMonroe, CTFairfield
12 Months in a Year - OctoberTrailMixMonroe, CTFairfield
A Spiderwick Scavenger Hunt (5)Trailhead TessieMonroe, CTFairfield
A Troop EffortSJSTROOPERSMonroe, CTFairfield
Ahhh, Summer (2)TrailMixMonroe, CTFairfield
Bear cubs - pack 261 Webb MountainCookie CatMonroe, CTFairfield
Black History Animation: The Harlem GlobetrotterscooledcoyoteMonroe, CTFairfield
Connecticut Trees #1 (2)Trailhead TessieMonroe, CTFairfield
Dino Don's Pet DinosaurDino DonMonroe, CTFairfield
Discover CT (3)TrailMixMonroe, CTFairfield
Duncan's Paw (CT #1)faerie princessMonroe, CTFairfield
Fast Flamingo (ct#12)faerie princessMonroe, CTFairfield
First Hit: James O'RoukecooledcoyoteMonroe, CTFairfield
Halfway to the Moon (4)TrailMixMonroe, CTFairfield
HEY JUDE (refreshed 7.1.12) (8)Skip & TJMonroe, CTFairfield
HINENI GOLDSkip & TJMonroe, CTFairfield
Housatonic Rail Trail NorthBill & CraigMonroe, CTFairfield
Looking for JackShedding LeavesMonroe, CTFairfield
Madagascar Penguins (5)Belle's BoxesMonroe, CTFairfield
MATTHEW 25:35-40TrailMixMonroe, CTFairfield
ME and my friend ED (2)faerie princessMonroe, CTFairfield
MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE (Minicon Letterbox)Skip & TJMonroe, CTFairfield
MUDPUPPY ONESkip & TJMonroe, CTFairfield
MUDPUPPY THREESkip & TJMonroe, CTFairfield
MUDPUPPY TWOSkip & TJMonroe, CTFairfield
Paugussett Trail (2)Trailhead TessieMonroe, CTFairfield
Pixie Hollow #2: RosettacooledcoyoteMonroe, CTFairfield
Pooch Cafe' (7)Dino DonMonroe, CTFairfield
Sail-by (CT#13)faerie princessMonroe, CTFairfield
Summer Delight, Summer Fright (2)TrailMixMonroe, CTFairfield
Tattered PagesSlowfootMonroe, CTFairfield
Tempus Fugit # 5 (Walker's Farm Cemetery)Skip & TJMonroe, CTFairfield
Tempus Fugit #1 (E. Village Cem.)(relocated 9.3.12Skip & TJMonroe, CTFairfield
Tempus Fugit #2 (Monroe Center Cemetery)Skip & TJMonroe, CTFairfield
Tempus Fugit #3 (Cutler's Farm/Elm Street CemeterySkip & TJMonroe, CTFairfield
The Land Before Time (6)cooledcoyoteMonroe, CTFairfield
The MonsterTrailMixMonroe, CTFairfield
The Torch BearerscooledcoyoteMonroe, CTFairfield
TJ Birthday Boxes (5)Skip & TJMonroe, CTFairfield
Waterfalls twenty-threeSkip & TJMonroe, CTFairfield
Waterfalls twenty-twoSkip & TJMonroe, CTFairfield
Wheeler Memorial FountaincooledcoyoteMonroe, CTFairfield
DARK SHADOWS (2)Trailhead TessieNew Canaan, CTFairfield
GeeTeeBee Charity Events: MMRFGeeTeeBeeNew Canaan, CTFairfield
New Canaan Nature Center (6)HyperionNew Canaan, CTFairfield
Bark in the Parkchrysann74New Fairfield, CTFairfield
Bear's ChairTravelingfrogNew Fairfield, CTFairfield
BootatuckscottybNew Fairfield, CTFairfield
BucketMouthThe B-SharpsNew Fairfield, CTFairfield
DEP Pootatuck State Forestsee'emNew Fairfield, CTFairfield
Fox View LetterboxIrishCODNew Fairfield, CTFairfield
Hawks in FlightTravelingfrogNew Fairfield, CTFairfield
Hidden Valley Nature Center Series (2)mkr005New Fairfield, CTFairfield
Mountain View Cemeterymkr005New Fairfield, CTFairfield
New Fairfield Cemeterymkr005New Fairfield, CTFairfield
Sister FriendsThe B-SharpsNew Fairfield, CTFairfield
Tree beanchNew FairfieldNew Fairfield, CTFairfield
Witches Brew temp. boxTravelingfrogNew Fairfield, CTFairfield
A bunch of animals (2)flying pigs 2Newtown, CTFairfield
A Touch of SpringpawcaNewtown, CTFairfield
Al"s Trail (15)cooledcoyoteNewtown, CTFairfield
Cap'n Crunch (11)cooledcoyoteNewtown, CTFairfield
DEP Paugussett State Forestsee'emNewtown, CTFairfield
I Scream for Ice Creamflying pigs 2Newtown, CTFairfield
Lillinonah TrailTrailhead TessieNewtown, CTFairfield
MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE (Sentinel Letterbox)Skip & TJNewtown, CTFairfield
Phineas and Ferb: (12) (12)cooledcoyoteNewtown, CTFairfield
Pixie Hollow #1: SilvermistcooledcoyoteNewtown, CTFairfield
Swampy turtleflying pigs 2Newtown, CTFairfield
Tempus Fugit #6 (Bradley Cemetery)Skip & TJNewtown, CTFairfield
Upper Paugussett BoxZurcherNewtown, CTFairfield
victory vegetablesflying pigs 2newtown, CTFairfield
Waterfalls Thirty-fiveSkip & TJNewtown, CTFairfield
Zoar TrailTrailhead TessieNewtown, CTFairfield
A Feather in his CapForRandKNorwalk, CTFairfield
A Piece of Norwalk HistoryHistorygirlNorwalk, CTFairfield
Bee Careful!Letterboxer2002Norwalk, CTFairfield
Boom Goes the BoxForRandKNorwalk, CTFairfield
Buteo JamaicensisLetterboxer2002Norwalk, CTFairfield
Cranbury ParkNorwalk Historical Soc.Norwalk, CTFairfield
Dleiffehs DnalsiTrailhead TessieNorwalk, CTFairfield
Flax Hill ParkArdeaNorwalk, CTFairfield
Flax Hill Park Clues (Norwalk Hist. Soc. LetterboxNorwalk Historical Soc.Norwalk, CTFairfield
Knight Templar (Hitch Hiker Hostel)J. PeterNorwalk, CTFairfield
Lockwood Mathews20eyesNorwalk, CTFairfield
Ludlow's LighthouseForRandKNorwalk, CTFairfield
Man of the Year's BoxForRandKNorwalk, CTFairfield
Mill Hill 2014Norwalk Historical Soc.Norwalk, CTFairfield
Mill Hill Historic ParkNorwalk Historical Soc.Norwalk, CTFairfield
Mill Pond ParkJ. PeterNorwalk, CTFairfield
Norwalk Historical SocietyLetterboxer2002Norwalk, CTFairfield
Princess Kyla's BoxForRandKNorwalk, CTFairfield
RIDDLES IN THE DARK- the seventhSkip & TJNorwalk, CTFairfield
Riverside Cemetery Clues (2)Norwalk Historical Soc.Norwalk, CTFairfield
Skinny Butt BoxAdoptableNorwalk, CTFairfield
Splashin' Seal Letter BoxMaritimeNorwalk, CTFairfield
Split Tree-cisionJoCo and LimeNorwalk, CTFairfield
Storm Over PondJ. PeterNorwalk, CTFairfield
The Sailing RaceJ. PeterNorwalk, CTFairfield
Twelfth StationAram GaroghlanianNorwalk, CTFairfield
Watch out for Oyster BoatsFish-or-ManNorwalk, CTFairfield
We're Not in Kansas AnymorepawcaNorwalk, CTFairfield
12 Months in a Year - August (2)TrailMixRedding, CTFairfield
Black History in Animation: FranklincooledcoyoteRedding, CTFairfield
Collis LetterboxThe Mischievous MooseRedding, CTFairfield
CT State Stamp Series - Fairifield CountyIrishCODRedding, CTFairfield
DEP Centennial Watershed State Forestsee'emRedding, CTFairfield
Disney's PocahontascooledcoyoteRedding, CTFairfield
Foraging Wild Cherry with Foraging Chickory (2)The 3 ForagersRedding, CTFairfield
Israel PutnamcooledcoyoteRedding, CTFairfield
Peanuts (10)ZurcherRedding, CTFairfield
Putnam Memorial State Park (3)ZurcherRedding, CTFairfield
skull O ScottZurcherRedding, CTFairfield
Henry VIIIJ. PeterRedding/Newtown, CTFairfield
Invictus and St. Alban's Mark at Great Ledge (2)J. PeterRedding/Weston, CTFairfield
A PortraitBungalow BoxerRidgefield, CTFairfield
Chico Returns to PierpontTrailhead TessieRidgefield, CTFairfield
Harmony and CharlesBungalow BoxerRidgefield, CTFairfield
Leah's Mystery LetterboxGolfgirlRidgefield, CTFairfield
Summer VacationSqueegeeRidgefield, CTFairfield
The Gingerbread ManPink Panther PairRidgefield, CTFairfield
ISINAMITH? (7)Skip & TJSandy Hook, CTFairfield
Prayer BoxTrailMixSandy Hook, CTFairfield
RIDDLES IN THE DARK - the ninthSkip & TJSandy Hook, CTFairfield
Rocky and Bullwinkle (5)TrailMixSandy Hook, CTFairfield
SANDY HOOK SNOWGLOBESkip & TJSandy Hook, CTFairfield
TRAX AND STAX II (4)Skip & TJSandy Hook, CTFairfield
Waterfalls thirty-oneSkip & TJSandy Hook, CTFairfield
"These are a few of OUR favorite things"faerie princessShelton, CTFairfield
12 Months in a Year - December - REVISED CLUES (2)TrailMixShelton, CTFairfield
12 Months in a Year - February (2)TrailMixShelton, CTFairfield
12 Months in a Year - January (2)TrailMixShelton, CTFairfield
12 Months in a Year - July (2)TrailMixShelton, CTFairfield
12 Months in a Year - March (2)TrailMixShelton, CTFairfield
12 Months in a Year - May/Purple HeartTrailMixShelton, CTFairfield
12 Months in a Year - September - relocated 7/2/12TrailMixShelton, CTFairfield
3-Dam Letterboxes (3)Trailhead TessieShelton, CTFairfield
Around the World - Europe (5)Trailhead TessieShelton, CTFairfield
Ashton's Perfect Meal (3)MattandashtonShelton, CTFairfield
BICSlowfootShelton, CTFairfield
Bridgeport Sound TigersTrailMixShelton, CTFairfield
BUILD A BURGER (6)TrailMixShelton, CTFairfield
Bunch-a-balloons (CT#10)faerie princessShelton, CTFairfield
Calvin & Hobbes (3)Letterboxer2002Shelton, CTFairfield
CAN OF CORNTrailMixShelton, CTFairfield
Celebrate America (2)TrailMixShelton, CTFairfield
CFPATrailhead TessieShelton, CTFairfield
Charley-HorseDino DonShelton, CTFairfield
Chase-the-Rainbow (ct #5)faerie princessShelton, CTFairfield
Connecticut Trees #2 (4)Trailhead TessieShelton, CTFairfield
Cross Country TrailcooledcoyoteShelton, CTFairfield
Curtiss Memorial FountaincooledcoyoteShelton, CTFairfield
Drive Over the Cow (2)Trailhead TessieShelton, CTFairfield
Fire Dog SpotDino DonShelton, CTFairfield
FrankenmonsterPeanut Bethy Aaand JohnnyShelton, CTFairfield
Funny Bunny (CT#7)faerie princessShelton, CTFairfield
Go, Dog. Go!TrailMixShelton, CTFairfield
Golden Hill PaugussettTrailMixShelton, CTFairfield
GRANDSONTrailMixShelton, CTFairfield
HALLOWEEN- No Longer in service. (2)Grave Yard Trailsshelton, CTFairfield
HALO 3 - alpha BOXSkip & TJShelton, CTFairfield
Have No FearDino DonShelton, CTFairfield
HedgehogMattandashtonShelton, CTFairfield
Hellllp Meeee!Dino DonShelton, CTFairfield
Holiday Spirit series (4)toolie birdshelton, CTFairfield
Housatonic River Forest (4)Trailhead TessieShelton, CTFairfield
How Does Your Garden Grow (3)TrailMixShelton, CTFairfield
Indian WellTrailhead TessieShelton, CTFairfield
It's the Small Things...MattandashtonShelton, CTFairfield
It;s Wonkavision!Peanut Bethy Aaand JohnnyShelton, CTFairfield
KittyMattandashtonShelton, CTFairfield
LeavesTrailMixShelton, CTFairfield
Looking for SallyShedding LeavesShelton, CTFairfield
Looking for ZeroShedding LeavesShelton, CTFairfield
Lucy the FoxSheltonGSTroop363Shelton, CTFairfield
Lucy's TreasureSally-OShelton, CTFairfield
Mad-dash-moose (CT#11)faerie princessShelton, CTFairfield
Marbled Salamander xxTrailhead TessieShelton, CTFairfield
MelonheadsTrailhead TessieShelton, CTFairfield
MikeyTrailMixShelton, CTFairfield
Oak Valley TrailcooledcoyoteShelton, CTFairfield
Off The Grid (3)SlowfootShelton, CTFairfield
Off to See the LizardTrailhead TessieShelton, CTFairfield
PeachesTrailhead TessieShelton, CTFairfield
Pirate Series (10)MattandashtonShelton, CTFairfield
Pixie Hollow #10: Fairy MarycooledcoyoteShelton, CTFairfield
Pixie Hollow #3: IridessacooledcoyoteShelton, CTFairfield
Princess WenonahcooledcoyoteShelton, CTFairfield
QuinncooledcoyoteShelton, CTFairfield
Reddy K.W. (2)scottybShelton, CTFairfield
RIDDLES IN THE DARK - the firstSkip & TJShelton, CTFairfield
Rock StashingTrailhead TessieShelton, CTFairfield
Santa's Little HelperDino DonShelton, CTFairfield
Shelton Dog ParkcooledcoyoteShelton, CTFairfield
Shelton in the News (9)Trailhead TessieShelton, CTFairfield
Shelton Lakes Happy Feet (6)Cadbury & Danshelton, CTFairfield
Shelton Lakes Recreation Path (7)Trailhead TessieShelton, CTFairfield
Skywatcher's DelightTrailMixShelton, CTFairfield
Sled DogsTrailhead TessieShelton, CTFairfield
SoulmatesMattandashtonShelton, CTFairfield
Sports Crazy (3)AdoptableShelton, CTFairfield
TaffyTrailMixShelton, CTFairfield
Thanksgiving Rivals (3)TrailMixShelton, CTFairfield
The Lucky Charms Trail (2)cooledcoyoteShelton, CTFairfield
The PortalTrailMixShelton, CTFairfield
The REAL Lizard KingDino DonShelton, CTFairfield
Toolie Bird Birthday TributeSkip & TJShelton, CTFairfield
TrailMix's Top 3 Favorite.....Hitchcock Movies (3)TrailMixShelton, CTFairfield
TrailMixs Top 3 Favorite M. Night Shyamalan Movies (3)TrailMixShelton, CTFairfield
Turkey Trot Barbecue (2)Dino DonShelton, CTFairfield
Walk With Me, Suzy LeePeanut Bethy Aaand JohnnyShelton, CTFairfield
War DogscooledcoyoteShelton, CTFairfield
Waterfalls FourWaterfallsShelton, CTFairfield
Waterfalls thirty-threeSkip & TJShelton, CTFairfield
Waterfalls thirty-twoSkip & TJShelton, CTFairfield
Waterfalls twenty-fiveSkip & TJShelton, CTFairfield
Waterfalls twenty-nineSkip & TJShelton, CTFairfield
Waterfalls twenty-sevenSkip & TJShelton, CTFairfield
We Love Mountain Laurel!scottybShelton, CTFairfield
Eklund GardenTrailhead TessieShelton, CT, CTFairfield
MONSTER-OUS (6)Skip & TJShelton/Monroe, CTFairfield
Robot 1sheepiesSouthbury, CTFairfield
SM&NC Forest Trail (6)Forest TrailsStamford, CTFairfield
Tempus Fugit #4 (Stepney/Birdsey's Plain Cemetery)Skip & TJStepney, CTFairfield
TRAX AND STAX I (4)Skip & TJStevenson, CTFairfield
FOOTLONG (fourth bite) (relocated 3.18.11)Skip & TJStevenson/Monroe, CTFairfield
Birds of Prey (3)Trailhead TessieStratford, CTFairfield
Black History in Animation: Mr TcooledcoyoteStratford, CTFairfield
Calvin's Snowmen (3)Trailhead TessieStratford, CTFairfield
FOOTLONG (eighth bite)Skip & TJStratford, CTFairfield
FOOTLONG (first bite)Skip & TJStratford, CTFairfield
FOOTLONG (ninth bite)Skip & TJStratford, CTFairfield
HALO 3 - gamma BOXSkip & TJStratford, CTFairfield
HINENI LAPIZSkip & TJStratford, CTFairfield
Longbrook ParkJanet & BuddyStratford, CTFairfield
MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE (Decepticon Letterbox)Skip & TJStratford, CTFairfield
Mr. T's Trail Trek (2)Dino DonStratford, CTFairfield
Pixie Hollow #11: Fairy GarycooledcoyoteStratford, CTFairfield
Pixie Hollow #6: Tinker BellcooledcoyoteStratford, CTFairfield
rfrnrfrnstratford, CTFairfield
RIDDLES IN THE DARK - the thirdSkip & TJStratford, CTFairfield
Roosevelt at Roosevelt (5)TrailMixStratford, CTFairfield
Roosevelt Ladybugs (2)cooledcoyoteStratford, CTFairfield
Roosevelt Leprechauns (3)Dino DonStratford, CTFairfield
Short BeachTrailhead TessieStratford, CTFairfield
Sikorsky Memorial Airport CorsaircooledcoyoteStratford, CTFairfield
Stratford LighthouseTrailhead TessieStratford, CTFairfield
The Roosevelt Bugs (5)J. PeterStratford, CTFairfield
troop 37025battaglinofamStratford, CTFairfield
Tempus Fugit #8 (Gregory's Four Corners Cemetery)Skip & TJTashua/Monroe, CTFairfield
12 Months in a Year - JuneTrailMixTrumbull, CTFairfield
Black History in Animation: Princess TianacooledcoyoteTrumbull, CTFairfield
Chateau d'OrionJ. PeterTrumbull, CTFairfield
Cotton Tail BoxAbnaki MooseTrumbull, CTFairfield
Food Buddies--REVISED CLUES BOX #1 8/13/12 (5)TrailMixTrumbull, CTFairfield
Henry BerghcooledcoyoteTrumbull, CTFairfield
HINENI INDIGOSkip & TJTrumbull, CTFairfield
L'Ambiance PlazacooledcoyoteTrumbull, CTFairfield
Mine MummyDino DonTrumbull, CTFairfield
MUDPUPPY FOURSkip & TJTrumbull, CTFairfield
Old Mine Park (2)J. PeterTrumbull, CTFairfield
P T Barnum and Co. (10)cooledcoyoteTrumbull, CTFairfield
Pack 261 Den 5 Old Mine ParkCookie Cattrumbull, CTFairfield
Parlor Rock Park Site (parlor rock dryiad)faerie princessTrumbull, CTFairfield
Pixie Hollow #13: PeriwinklecooledcoyoteTrumbull, CTFairfield
Pixie Hollow #14 & 15 (2)cooledcoyoteTrumbull, CTFairfield
Princess Path (5)faerie princessTrumbull, CTFairfield
Soldiers and Sailors MonumentcooledcoyoteTrumbull, CTFairfield
Spirit of TrumbullTrumbull TrekkersTrumbull, CTFairfield
Stamped Seasons (4)faerie princessTrumbull, CTFairfield
The Bunny FountaincooledcoyoteTrumbull, CTFairfield
The Frog CaveTrailhead TessieTrumbull, CTFairfield
The Jester's Cap (CT#2)faerie princessTrumbull, CTFairfield
The keyMattandashtonTrumbull, CTFairfield
The Shooting Star in Trumbull (CT#3)faerie princessTrumbull, CTFairfield
Troop 35251 LetterboxTroop 35251Trumbull, CTFairfield
Undercover Siblings (2)faerie princessTrumbull, CTFairfield
Waterfalls Twenty-FourSkip & TJtrumbull, CTFairfield
Coquilles St. Jacquesk102988Weston, CTFairfield
Famous Monsters #120eyesWeston, CTFairfield
Fish LabyrinthJ. PeterWeston, CTFairfield
Little Girl and LollipopJ. PeterWeston, CTFairfield
Quohog, RI (9)Dino DonWeston, CTFairfield
VampirellacooledcoyoteWeston, CTFairfield
A Letterboxers ParadiseLetterboxer2002Westport, CTFairfield
Butterflies LetterboxTroop 50192Westport, CTFairfield
Earthplace (5)AdoptableWestport, CTFairfield
Park & Ride #15: Chrysler Plymouth RevisitedKit KatWestport, CTFairfield
Puppies Parkpuppy parksWestport, CTFairfield
Puppies park #3 (3)puppy parksWestport, CTFairfield
Puppies Park 2 (2)puppy parksWestport, CTFairfield
RIDDLES IN THE DARK - the eighthSkip & TJWestport, CTFairfield
RIDDLES IN THE DARK- the secondSkip & TJWestport, CTFairfield
Frasier's left the building (2)buybuybirdieWilton, CTFairfield
Merry Merry #1 and #2 (2)buybuybirdieWilton, CTFairfield
OLD SCHOOL #1 and #2buybuybirdieWILTON, CTFairfield
Pushing Up Daisies #66pawcaWilton, CTFairfield
The Great Recession (5)Trailhead TessieWilton, CTFairfield