Hartford CT Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
Jenny WrenBell Lady, CTHartford
I've been run, ...Ragged!!Flutterby Flew By ???, CTHartford
Timberlin (3)theteeker Berlin, CTHartford
The Purple LlamaChoi Manchester, CTHartford
Time for a Napastrii??, CTHartford
Tunnel SnakeGizz??, CTHartford
"Rise and Shine" Pin-Up GirlFlutterby Flew By???, CTHartford
2008 - Hope it's Great!Donutz716???, CTHartford
2010 VBS letterboxes (5)Sally-O???, CTHartford
A Connecticut YankeeTyler, Emily & Mom???, CTHartford
A Duc Should be in...BookWorm???, CTHartford
Brian Froud's Goblin BoySally-O???, CTHartford
Carving Bonusastrii???, CTHartford
Cave TrollDonutz716???, CTHartford
Christopher's TractorBookWorm???, CTHartford
CrashBell Lady???, CTHartford
Dog-gone TiredFlutterby Flew By???, CTHartford
Donutz PTDonutz716???, CTHartford
Duc DocJonah's Whalers???, CTHartford
Fat LadyBell Lady???, CTHartford
FlashlightDonutz716???, CTHartford
FooneBell Lady???, CTHartford
Forest Fire Starter?Rubaduc???, CTHartford
Gilbert Heublein: During ProhibtionFlutterby Flew By???, CTHartford
I Want To Fly (2)sadie&russ???, CTHartford
Illuminated Dogastrii???, CTHartford
IolantheBell Lady???, CTHartford
Is It a Tree?Rubaduc???, CTHartford
Lizard RockFlutterby Flew By???, CTHartford
MDC BadgeSally-O???, CTHartford
Memorial Day NWP 2009Donutz716???, CTHartford
Mexican Tiles (4)Clueless???, CTHartford
Mimbres MysteryMayEve???, CTHartford
My Niece BellaBungalow Boxer???, CTHartford
Mystery Fruit --- RETIREDBell Lady???, CTHartford
Olivia Planterswart's ViewBookWorm???, CTHartford
Our Mr BrooksBookWorm???, CTHartford
Picasso's DoveSally-O???, CTHartford
Polly ParrotThe Quackers???, CTHartford
Polly's SnacksThe Quackers???, CTHartford
Right Foot, Left Foot (2)Donutz716???, CTHartford
Run Coyotes! Bonusastrii???, CTHartford
SkySweetPea.???, CTHartford
Superman - BonusDonutz716???, CTHartford
The Nature Series (5)Bell Lady???, CTHartford
The Netastrii???, CTHartford
The PhoenixFlutterby Flew By???, CTHartford
The Sad ClownMark & Sue Pepe???, CTHartford
ThespisBell Lady???, CTHartford
They Call It MaizeDonutz716???, CTHartford
Tree of GondorDonutz716???, CTHartford
We are SiameseFlutterby Flew By???, CTHartford
The Duc has landedbeernut?????????, CTHartford
5th Birthday BoxprincessAvon, CTHartford
A Night at the OperettaSilent DougAvon, CTHartford
A world of girls!Avon Girl ScoutsAvon, CTHartford
Along the NET: AvonTrailhead TessieAvon, CTHartford
Alsop MeadowsRubaducAvon, CTHartford
AvonrtrwAvon, CTHartford
Avon Land TrustSilent DougAvon, CTHartford
Avon Land Trust: Land of NodorionAvon, CTHartford
Avon's 175thBell LadyAvon, CTHartford
Baseball Season Box #5Tyler, Emily & MomAvon, CTHartford
Buttle's BottlesorionAvon, CTHartford
Charlie's BenchRubaducAvon, CTHartford
Chirp Chirp Crazy BirdsTroop 66875Avon, CTHartford
Countryside ParkBell LadyAvon, CTHartford
Farmington Valley GreenwayBill & CraigAvon, CTHartford
FISHERS MEADOW (2)The EngraverAvon, CTHartford
Four Seasons (4)Bell LadyAvon, CTHartford
Fruit Basket (5)Bell LadyAvon, CTHartford
Good FriendBell LadyAvon, CTHartford
GSNature - updated 4/19/15Troop66181Avon, CTHartford
Here Comes the Band (3)Bell LadyAvon, CTHartford
Holiday Search (2)pawcaAvon, CTHartford
Hug-a-mug-a (3)Bell LadyAvon, CTHartford
Jill A. HopperRubaducAvon, CTHartford
Make a Joyful Noise (3)Bell LadyAvon, CTHartford
More Fruit (3)Bell LadyAvon, CTHartford
Resting Places VII: Avon Cong.Church CemeteryTyler, Emily & MomAvon, CTHartford
Scattered Guardrails: Check Your Bag HerepawcaAvon, CTHartford
Scattered Guardrails: Leavin' on a Jet PlanepawcaAvon, CTHartford
Search for EllieAvon Girl ScoutsAvon, CTHartford
Seuss CatBell LadyAvon, CTHartford
Small Group #4rtrwAvon, CTHartford
Spiritual Armour (6)Bell LadyAvon, CTHartford
Teen FridayAvon TABAvon, CTHartford
The Halloween Trail (13)NORTHSTARAvon, CTHartford
Who Has Muscles? (2)Bell LadyAvon, CTHartford
Two Peas IN A PodRubaducAvon/Simsbury, CTHartford
MirimichiChrissyBelrin, CTHartford
"Who, Me?" Wire Fox TerrierTrailhead TessieBerlin, CTHartford
1936 world series the yankeesApeman691970berlin, CTHartford
80's rockbands Twisted SisterApeman691970berlin, CTHartford
A Pug Named BrunoFlutterby Flew ByBerlin, CTHartford
Addy's PlaygroundButterfly SuzyBerlin, CTHartford
Alice in Wonderland (4)astriiBerlin, CTHartford
Along the NET: BerlinTrailhead TessieBerlin, CTHartford
Always in Our HeartspawcaBerlin, CTHartford
Apemistakes: Monkey's were best friendsApeman691970berlin, CTHartford
Berlin Cemetery Series (6)Celtic RootsBerlin, CTHartford
Berlin Fair History Box 2007Celtic RootsBerlin, CTHartford
Berlin Turnpike Guardrails: Don't Forget Your SunpawcaBerlin, CTHartford
Berlin Turnpike Guardrails: From Ocean to HarborpawcaBerlin, CTHartford
Bison BisonDevilinDogBerlin, CTHartford
Boat Launch Series #5- Viking ShipSweetPea.Berlin, CTHartford
Boston TerrierFlutterby Flew ByBerlin, CTHartford
Cats on Trees (12)beernutBerlin, CTHartford
Christian CastlesRubaducBerlin, CTHartford
Connecticut State Series (4)astriiBerlin, CTHartford
Daffnee, the lop-earred letterboxing TerrierButterfly SuzyBerlin, CTHartford
Do you mind?Apeman691970berlin, CTHartford
Don't Leaf Me Here - I Was Too Young to Be in WWIIchthikerBerlin, CTHartford
Dot's HouseastriiBerlin, CTHartford
Exploring Sage Park (4)Tyler, Emily & MomBerlin, CTHartford
GoldendoodleFlutterby Flew ByBerlin, CTHartford
Happy Birthday Mom! *Haunted Cemetery*astriiBerlin, CTHartford
HIkers and Friends' New HomechthikerBerlin, CTHartford
I CAN'T Imagine Being 20+RubaducBerlin, CTHartford
I found someone’s stampbeernutBerlin, CTHartford
I'm Not Lost, I Just Don't Know Where I AmHez, Grumpy and MonaBerlin, CTHartford
Inky Boy Goes to Ragged Mountain. 1-3 milesHez, Grumpy and MonaBerlin, CTHartford
Italian GreyhoundFlutterby Flew ByBerlin, CTHartford
Kissiy Blanket (2)Tyler, Emily & MomBerlin, CTHartford
Matted MuttphynstarBerlin, CTHartford
Mystical Creatures (3)Hez, Grumpy and MonaBerlin, CTHartford
Oh My !doGburning feetBerlin, CTHartford
Old English BulldogFlutterby Flew ByBerlin, CTHartford
PaisleyMVIVBerlin, CTHartford
PoodleFlutterby Flew ByBerlin, CTHartford
Pushing Up Daisies #50pawcaBerlin, CTHartford
Something's SkunkyastriiBerlin, CTHartford
The Devils Dance Under the Full MoonastriiBerlin, CTHartford
The Dog PoundastriiBerlin, CTHartford
The Flying DutchmanApeman691970berlin, CTHartford
Things to do on Mount Lamentation (3)Hez, Grumpy and MonaBerlin, CTHartford
TwilightS.I.C.C.Berlin, CTHartford
Twins-Can't Have 1 without The Other 1-3 mileschthikerBerlin, CTHartford
Two Sisters Series (3)Butterfly SuzyBerlin, CTHartford
Two-Sisters: Krazy KhritterButterfly SuzyBerlin, CTHartford
Venus of the BogastriiBerlin, CTHartford
What you need for Letterboxing (6)astriiBerlin, CTHartford
Where the Green Fern Grows (2)astriiBerlin, CTHartford
Why won't other dogs play with my pet?Apeman691970berlin, CTHartford
World's Greatest Inventions: YoYoButterfly SuzyBerlin, CTHartford
Yankee PedlarastriiBerlin, CTHartford
The Rats among usbeernutBerlin Peck library, CTHartford
Frost Heaves the SnowmantheteekerBerlin/Meriden, CTHartford
Thae haunted forest letterboxtraildogBerlin/Meriden, CTHartford
#3 Memorial Box on Ragged MountainRock LadyBerlin/Southington, CTHartford
1001 MistakesRubaducBerlin/Southington, CTHartford
Leaning Tower llRubaducBerlin/Southington, CTHartford
Lock the CheeseRubaducBerlin/Southington, CTHartford
The Message BoxRock LadyBerlin/Southington, CTHartford
The Mountain BoxRock LadyBerlin/Southington, CTHartford
This Little Piggy Got LostRubaducBerlin/Southington, CTHartford
This Trail Was Made For WalkingRubaducBerlin/Southington, CTHartford
Along the NET: BloomfieldTrailhead TessieBloomfield, CTHartford
BogartSilent DougBloomfield, CTHartford
Cemetery StarGizzBloomfield, CTHartford
Circle of Lives (4)RubaducBloomfield, CTHartford
Gilbert Heublein: After ProhibitionFlutterby Flew ByBloomfield, CTHartford
Heublein Tower - My 1st Carving EverButterfly SuzyBloomfield, CTHartford
IntertwinedGizzBloomfield, CTHartford
Is It? (4)RubaducBloomfield, CTHartford
J&JNia Box1J&JNiaBloomfield, CTHartford
KwongdzuRubaducBloomfield, CTHartford
Lake Louise (2)RubaducBloomfield, CTHartford
Measure Up (2)RubaducBloomfield, CTHartford
Penwood State ParkBill & CraigBloomfield, CTHartford
Penwood's PrizeLiteBriteBloomfield, CTHartford
Prosser Library LetterboxodilioBloomfield, CTHartford
Reading is a Child's JoyodilioBloomfield, CTHartford
Scattered Guardrails: Hire by the DaypawcaBloomfield, CTHartford
U-TurkeyGizzBloomfield, CTHartford
Whoo? Whatt? (2)RubaducBloomfield, CTHartford
Wood FrogAdoptableBloomfield, CTHartford
WWGizzBloomfield, CTHartford
A Spark of SunshineBell LadyBristol, CTHartford
AJ The Dragon MasterAJ The Dragon MasterBristol, CTHartford
Bristol/Burlington Town Line BoxdriftwoodBristol, CTHartford
Cartoon's in my days#5 Captain Caveman!Apeman691970Bristol, CTHartford
Fisher House 2011 5KGeeTeeBeeBristol, CTHartford
Fuddruckers?Butterfly SuzyBristol, CTHartford
Girl Scout 100th AnniversaryGammy54Bristol, CTHartford
Harp On ThisThe Flip FlopperBristol, CTHartford
It's A Small World After AllTroop 60317Bristol, CTHartford
Jared the Rockwell RaptorRubaducBristol, CTHartford
Jared's ButterflyRubaducBristol, CTHartford
Mile of Ledges (3)DrewFamilyBristol, CTHartford
Not SureButterfly SuzyBristol, CTHartford
Original Road Atlas #3RubaducBristol, CTHartford
Paradiddle--Take TwoRubaducBristol, CTHartford
Paul Bunyan's Giant Toe - Place By Bristol Troop 6Troop 60317Bristol, CTHartford
Shhhh It's a secretSparky ButterflyBristol, CTHartford
Sweet WilliamRubaducBristol, CTHartford
Town Line series & Tory Den (5)driftwoodBristol, CTHartford
Watching Over ??GizzBristol, CTHartford
Wedding Anniversary Series (3)Dark Wolf and Tiger BabyBristol, CTHartford
Big Bang Theory: Apartment Flagburning feetBroadbrook, CTHartford
Big Bang Theory: Broken Elevatorburning feetBroadbrook, CTHartford
All About JackFlowerPowerBurlington, CTHartford
B-RADPatriotic GirlBurlington, CTHartford
Breezy HillRubaducBurlington, CTHartford
C.C. ROORubaducBurlington, CTHartford
Christmas Series #3BookWormBurlington, CTHartford
Clear Brook (2)Woodland PawsBurlington, CTHartford
Connecticut's First BalloonistpawcaBurlington, CTHartford
Dancing to the Tune of 80!Donutz716Burlington, CTHartford
DEP Nassahegon State Forestsee'emBurlington, CTHartford
Devels KitchendriftwoodBurlington, CTHartford
Dinner at Devil's Kitchen (2)pawcaBurlington, CTHartford
Don't Leaf Me Here: My Gramma's Nuts (2)RubaducBurlington, CTHartford
Don't Tell The Onceler (4)Bacon and EggsBurlington, CTHartford
Flower Power NamesakeFlowerPowerBurlington, CTHartford
Footsteps From The PastBacon and EggsBurlington, CTHartford
Getting Rid of Old Christmas Stamps (2)pawcaBurlington, CTHartford
Johnnycake MountainRubaducBurlington, CTHartford
Ledge LizardRubaducBurlington, CTHartford
Let Me Outta HereRubaducBurlington, CTHartford
Loop de Loop (8)RubaducBurlington, CTHartford
Mandala TreeBacon and EggsBurlington, CTHartford
New Park (2)The Bird StamperBurlington, CTHartford
Oaky DoakypawcaBurlington, CTHartford
Paradiddle-diddleJonah's WhalersBurlington, CTHartford
Pathtimes - Punch BrookWoodland PawsBurlington, CTHartford
Peanuts, Part 2 (3)Bacon and EggsBurlington, CTHartford
Purbana and Donkey Kong (4)Lightening LadyBurlington, CTHartford
Pushing Up Daisies #38 Plus (2)pawcaBurlington, CTHartford
Resting Places XXI: Case Cemetery BurlingtonTyler, Emily & MomBurlington, CTHartford
Sessions Woods Bonus BoxRubaducBurlington, CTHartford
Smokey the Bear Trail (4)BookWormBurlington, CTHartford
Spirit of the Red HorseRubaducBurlington, CTHartford
The Colorful Tree FrogFlowerPowerBurlington, CTHartford
The Wildcat Mountain LBRubaducBurlington, CTHartford
Trees of the ForestBookWormBurlington, CTHartford
Turkey Featherdragonfly hunterBurlington, CTHartford
YawfleRubaducBurlington, CTHartford
A Froggy Went A HikingBacon and EggsCanton, CTHartford
A Garden Grows Here (5)bartuniaCanton, CTHartford
A Very Pink Expedition (4)Bacon and EggsCanton, CTHartford
Belated Holiday (2)pawcaCanton, CTHartford
Brook BanditRubaducCanton, CTHartford
Brownie Troop 6257AdoptableCanton, CTHartford
BSA TributeRubaducCanton, CTHartford
Cindy Lou WhoBacon and EggsCanton, CTHartford
Fidget Goblin WandBacon and EggsCanton, CTHartford
Fun in Delaware (8)BookWormCanton, CTHartford
Goldie the GoldfishAdoptableCanton, CTHartford
Hallowe'en Smiles (2)Woodland PawsCanton, CTHartford
Holiday Hoopla (7)Bacon and EggsCanton, CTHartford
Joe PizzapawcaCanton, CTHartford
Jonah's JauntRubaducCanton, CTHartford
Just A Duc.....if you know what I meanBacon and EggsCanton, CTHartford
Lonely Old TrollBacon and EggsCanton, CTHartford
Lynx RufusBacon and EggsCanton, CTHartford
Monster MashpawcaCanton, CTHartford
Nepaug Excursion, Part II (2)pawcaCanton, CTHartford
Nepaug Reservoir NorthBill & CraigCanton, CTHartford
Never Leave Home Without itRubaducCanton, CTHartford
Not A Leg To Stand OnRubaducCanton, CTHartford
Once Upon A Time......Bacon and EggsCanton, CTHartford
Orchestra (4)Bell LadyCanton, CTHartford
Pushing Up Daisies #65pawcaCanton, CTHartford
Pushing Up Daisies #7pawcaCanton, CTHartford
Ratlum Mt. Preserve Excursion (2)pawcaCanton, CTHartford
Scattered Guardrails: Let it SnowpawcaCanton, CTHartford
Scattered Guardrails: Oh My Aching FootpawcaCanton, CTHartford
Scattered Guardrails: Show Me the MoneypawcaCanton, CTHartford
Suburban PegasusbartuniaCanton, CTHartford
Sunflower.Bacon and EggsCanton, CTHartford
Tales of Peter Rabbit (6)pawcaCanton, CTHartford
Turkey in HidingbartuniaCanton, CTHartford
Werner's WoodsThe Bird StamperCanton, CTHartford
What We Saw... (4)The QuackersCanton, CTHartford
What Word is This?RubaducCanton, CTHartford
Winsor Woods GnomeBacon and EggsCanton, CTHartford
Resurrection Bugs (4)BookWormCanton /Collinsville, CTHartford
DEP Salmon River State Forestsee'emColchester, CTHartford
Farmington River Rail TrailBill & CraigColinsville, CTHartford
Castles In The Air #7RubaducCollinsville, CTHartford
Celebration in a BoxBacon and EggsCollinsville, CTHartford
Consider Yourself..........RubaducCollinsville, CTHartford
Downhill SquirrelBacon and EggsCollinsville, CTHartford
East Vile NirusRubaducCollinsville, CTHartford
Mother's MeadowRubaducCollinsville, CTHartford
Mr. Fix It (2)Patriotic GirlCollinsville, CTHartford
Our Angel <3LUNA crewCT, CTHartford
Ziva's Walk (3)ZivaCT, CTHartford
Wicked Wickham (5)FrogButtE Hartford, CTHartford
Old New-Gate Prison (4)Melissa, Dan & MaxE. Granby, CTHartford
Geographic Center of ConnecticutCeltic RootsEast Berlin/Berlin, CTHartford
Black '47Wild RoverEast Glastonbury, CTHartford
Christmas Eve on FlatbrookGreat BearEast Glastonbury, CTHartford
Deertracks in the SnowGreat BearEast Glastonbury, CTHartford
John Tom HillConnfederateEast Glastonbury, CTHartford
Along the NET: East GranbyTrailhead TessieEast Granby, CTHartford
Cat's Paw/Oak Leaf (2)AdoptableEast Granby, CTHartford
DUCK Series (3)AdoptableEast Granby, CTHartford
Fun in Spoonville (2)AdoptableEast Granby, CTHartford
Granny's SurpriseBobnLorraineEast Granby, CTHartford
Just Off the TrailRoyKidsEast Granby, CTHartford
Meta Aminals (2)GizzEast Granby, CTHartford
Pushing Up Daisies #97pawcaEast Granby, CTHartford
Rising Tall (2)RubaducEast Granby, CTHartford
Slow and Slower (2)RubaducEast Granby, CTHartford
Aero KevSLEast Hartford, CTHartford
BlondieFlutterby Flew ByEast Hartford, CTHartford
Blue Onion LetterboxMayEveEast Hartford, CTHartford
Coins Of The LaneMayEveEast Hartford, CTHartford
Hunting, Fishing and Camping, Oh My!Bungalow BoxerEast Hartford, CTHartford
Pomp EqualityMayEveEast Hartford, CTHartford
Riverfront TrailBill & CraigEast Hartford, CTHartford
Soaring EaglertrwEast Hartford, CTHartford
The Huskyville LetterboxWild RoverEast Hartford, CTHartford
The Silver Lane LetterboxWild RoverEast Hartford, CTHartford
Tight Line Fever # 9SLEast Hartford, CTHartford
DEP Tunxis State Forestsee'emEast Hartland, CTHartford
Pushing Up Daisies #117pawcaEast Hartland, CTHartford
Connecticut Trolley MuseumThe Bird StamperEast Windsor, CTHartford
Elephant FeetThe Silver Shadows East Windsor, CTHartford
Ginger Tree CastleGS Troop 10-124East Windsor, CTHartford
Quercus Alba (White Oak): (3)Broadbrook ClanEast Windsor, CTHartford
Big Bang Theory: Soft Kitty (6)burning feetEnfield, CTHartford
Boxers In The Woods (10)burning feetEnfield, CTHartford
Crypt Keys: IIIRedfootEnfield, CTHartford
Enfield Common Grounds (2)JagsEnfield, CTHartford
Humordorburning feetEnfield, CTHartford
Keep An Open MindRubaducEnfield, CTHartford
Let It Rainhurricane KatrynaEnfield, CTHartford
Pulling Stringshurricane KatrynaEnfield, CTHartford
Punch Buggy Greenhurricane KatrynaEnfield, CTHartford
R.O.V. # 16SLEnfield, CTHartford
Scantic River Trail (2)burning feetEnfield, CTHartford
Strawberry Cow Chip @ Collin's CreameryTheTravelerEnfield, CTHartford
Teen BoxersTom & SuzEnfield, CTHartford
The Spot (Enfield Hitchhiker Hostel)SusanEnfield, CTHartford
The statue of liberty (2)scubasteveenfield, CTHartford
Winter Boxing (3)burning feetEnfield, CTHartford
Along the NET: FarmingtonTrailhead TessieFarmington, CTHartford
AmistadBell LadyFarmington, CTHartford
AqueductBell LadyFarmington, CTHartford
Baseball Season Box#7Tyler, Emily & MomFarmington, CTHartford
Days Gone By (2)ACD3Farmington, CTHartford
Farmington Canal Heritage TrailBill & CraigFarmington, CTHartford
Fishing By The Farmington RiverpawcaFarmington, CTHartford
GeeTeeBee Charity Events: Relay For LifeGeeTeeBeeFarmington, CTHartford
Get My GoatRubaducFarmington, CTHartford
Good Luck BoxpawcaFarmington, CTHartford
Historic Hill-Stead (7)Bell LadyFarmington, CTHartford
Lt. Core Memorial (4)Bell LadyFarmington, CTHartford
Percussion Plus (4)Bell LadyFarmington, CTHartford
Picasso Self Portrait 1907CluelessFarmington, CTHartford
Pirate Flags---Edward EnglandApeman691970farmington, CTHartford
Resting Places V: Memento Mori Burying GroundTyler, Emily & MomFarmington, CTHartford
Shade Swamp Boxes (2)RubaducFarmington, CTHartford
Shooting StarBaby BearFarmington, CTHartford
T. manatus latirostrisbartuniaFarmington, CTHartford
The Engraver's SpecialThe EngraverFarmington, CTHartford
The Very First One (2)SoccerHiker37Farmington, CTHartford
Three AmigosSparky ButterflyFarmington, CTHartford
Which Came First? (2)RubaducFarmington, CTHartford
Will Warren's SnakeGizzFarmington, CTHartford
ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN (5)partyguy&horse loverGlastonbury, CTHartford
BLOWING IN THE WINDbutterflyglastonbury, CTHartford
Daisy Troop 10373 LetterboxCraftWomanGlastonbury, CTHartford
Dancin' the Graveyard ShiftRagface and PumpkinGlastonbury, CTHartford
danza macabraLUNA crewGlastonbury, CTHartford
Delphic Sibyl NOT the PLBcatbeadGlastonbury, CTHartford
Disney Villains #1: UrsulaBungalow BoxerGlastonbury, CTHartford
Disney Villains #2: JafarBungalow BoxerGlastonbury, CTHartford
Disney Villains #3: GastonBungalow BoxerGlastonbury, CTHartford
Disney Villains #6: Cruella De VilBungalow BoxerGlastonbury, CTHartford
Disney Villains #7: The Evil QueenBungalow BoxerGlastonbury, CTHartford
Disney Villains #8: Prince John, Sheriff of NottinBungalow BoxerGlastonbury, CTHartford
Disney Villians #4: Scar and the HyenasBungalow BoxerGlastonbury, CTHartford
East Glastonbury Public Library LetterbookLetterbookerGlastonbury, CTHartford
Fairy PoolConnfederateGlastonbury, CTHartford
Faraway FriendBungalow BoxerGlastonbury, CTHartford
Father's Day Hunt (5)Father's Day HuntGlastonbury, CTHartford
FOR THE LOVE OF HORSESpartyguy&horse loverGlastonbury, CTHartford
Frog Boy's Letter BoxThE oLD CrOwGlastonbury, CTHartford
GAQLBE14: Calvin and Hobbes Go ExploringBungalow BoxerGlastonbury, CTHartford
GeeTeeBee Charity Events: GRR 2011GeeTeeBeeGlastonbury, CTHartford
GeeTeeBee Charity Events: GRR 2012GeeTeeBeeGlastonbury, CTHartford
Girl Scouting is Fun!Bungalow BoxerGlastonbury, CTHartford
Good Grief! (7)MayEveGlastonbury, CTHartford
Happy House (2)RubaducGlastonbury, CTHartford
HOPE -- The Shawshank Redemption (2)Wild RoverGlastonbury, CTHartford
I walked How Far?Bungalow BoxerGlastonbury, CTHartford
J B Williams, Glastonbury's Soap Man (2)CraftWomanGlastonbury, CTHartford
Kelley's Message of PeaceWingnutGlastonbury, CTHartford
Klaatu barada niktoWWWGlastonbury, CTHartford
Kongscut Mountain (2)GizzGlastonbury, CTHartford
Ladybug BugThE oLD CrOwGlastonbury, CTHartford
Line of DemarcationRubaducGlastonbury, CTHartford
LOOK OUT TOKYO...partyguy&horse loverGlastonbury, CTHartford
Loving embraceLUNA crewGlastonbury, CTHartford
LTR Live To RideSLGlastonbury, CTHartford
Moon Pizza?Celtic QuinnGlastonbury, CTHartford
My Favorite Winter Things (3)Bungalow BoxerGlastonbury, CTHartford
National Parks...National Treasures III (3)Bungalow BoxerGlastonbury, CTHartford
Ode to a Great Game! (3)Bungalow BoxerGlastonbury, CTHartford
OmegaWolfyGlastonbury, CTHartford
Park & Ride #7: MGKit KatGlastonbury, CTHartford
Peace...in BengaliBungalow BoxerGlastonbury, CTHartford
Peace...in EkariChrissyGlastonbury, CTHartford
Peace...in EstonianChrissyGlastonbury, CTHartford
Peace...in GarifunaBungalow BoxerGlastonbury, CTHartford
Peace...in KhmerChrissyGlastonbury, CTHartford
Peace...in NepaliBungalow BoxerGlastonbury, CTHartford
Peace...in Norwegian, Swedish and DanishChrissyGlastonbury, CTHartford
Peace...In Spanish and PortugueseChrissyGlastonbury, CTHartford
Pushing Up Daisies #109pawcaGlastonbury, CTHartford
Pushing Up Daisies #94pawcaGlastonbury, CTHartford
Red GaloshesDonutz716Glastonbury, CTHartford
Resting Places IV: Old Church Cemetery (2)Tyler, Emily & MomGlastonbury, CTHartford
Resting Places XIV: Ukrainian Catholic CemeteryTyler, Emily & MomGlastonbury, CTHartford
Resting Places XV: Neipsic Rd. CemeteryTyler, Emily & MomGlastonbury, CTHartford
Riding KevSLGlastonbury, CTHartford
Roaring Brook FactoryTravel'n TurtleGlastonbury, CTHartford
Ruby-throated HummingbirdDonutz716Glastonbury, CTHartford
Salmon BrookMayEveGlastonbury, CTHartford
Screen Lovers - Olivier & OberoncatbeadGlastonbury, CTHartford
Sign Of SpringMayEveGlastonbury, CTHartford
Sing To MeMayEveGlastonbury, CTHartford
Springtime Menagerie (3)Donutz716Glastonbury, CTHartford
Sunshine Daydream (3)Bungalow BoxerGlastonbury, CTHartford
TazoMayEveGlastonbury, CTHartford
The Bare TreeThe 6 BeezGlastonbury, CTHartford
The Cremation of Sam McGeeConnfederateGlastonbury, CTHartford
The Dubliners' "Wild Rover" REDUXWild RoverGlastonbury, CTHartford
The Fish In The Reservoir Go Round & RoundBungalow BoxerGlastonbury, CTHartford
The House Of Mouse Series (7)Wild RoverGlastonbury, CTHartford
The Moving StatueLUNA crewGlastonbury, CTHartford
The Mystic HoundMayEveGlastonbury, CTHartford
The ScribeMayEveGlastonbury, CTHartford
The Shoddy Mill LetterboxbradGlastonbury, CTHartford
Tick MagnetGeeTeeBeeGlastonbury, CTHartford
Troop 540 Box #2T540Glastonbury, CTHartford
Disney Villains #5: Lady TremaineBungalow BoxerGlastonbury/East Hampton, CTHartford
Agent PParrotheadGranby, CTHartford
DEP Enders State Forestsee'emGranby, CTHartford
JitterbugSweetPea.Granby, CTHartford
Phineas and Ferb (2)ParrotheadGranby, CTHartford
The Baker's Dozen (13)Nature's BeautyGranby, CTHartford
Troop 151 Took a Hike (2)White TornadoGranby, CTHartford
TubularRubaducGranby, CTHartford
Western Barndoor Hill PreserveHappyHikingFamilyGranby, CTHartford
Where?RubaducGranby, CTHartford
Enders FallsSilent DougHampsted, CTHartford
A Rose Is A RoseMayEveHartford, CTHartford
Mark Twain's LetterboxMayEveHartford, CTHartford
New England Natives (3)astriiHartford, CTHartford
Peaceful Celtic Crossweekend benderHartford, CTHartford
Resting Places II: Cedar Hill CemeteryTyler, Emily & MomHartford, CTHartford
I Vote For ThisRubaducHartland, CTHartford
The Mainline (3)DrewFamilyHartland, CTHartford
Tunxis Trail TerminusRubaducHartland, CTHartford
80's Rockbands#1Apeman691970Kensington, CTHartford
A Visit From A-DoveButterfly SuzyKensington, CTHartford
And a bottle of...BookWormKensington, CTHartford
Ballerina GirlApeman691970Kensington, CTHartford
Baseball Season Box #1Tyler, Emily & MomKensington, CTHartford
Cartoon's in my days #7 magilla the gorillaApeman691970kensington, CTHartford
Castles In The Air #2RubaducKensington, CTHartford
Dear JohnRubaducKensington, CTHartford
Did You Know??? (2)Mark & Sue PepeKensington, CTHartford
Dog Walk (3)Mark & Sue PepeKensington, CTHartford
DogfaceBell LadyKensington, CTHartford
Don't Touch It !!GizzKensington, CTHartford
Get Well DucTyler, Emily & MomKensington, CTHartford
Going on a Safari! (4)astriiKensington, CTHartford
Golden Delicious (3)theteekerKensington, CTHartford
Gracie T. HikerchthikerKensington, CTHartford
Home, Sweet HomeMark & Sue PepeKensington, CTHartford
Ivy LeagueNORTHSTARKensington, CTHartford
Jumping FrogMark & Sue PepeKensington, CTHartford
Listen for the woofbutterflykensington, CTHartford
Magilla the GorillaApeman691970kensington, CTHartford
Mona the Letterboxing ChihuahuaHez, Grumpy and MonaKensington, CTHartford
Mr. CoolRubaducKensington, CTHartford
My Nephew DieselBungalow BoxerKensington, CTHartford
Put on a Happy FaceMark & Sue PepeKensington, CTHartford
Rampaging Elephant!Butterfly SuzyKensington, CTHartford
Roman CoinMark & Sue PepeKensington, CTHartford
Stargazer LilyastriiKensington, CTHartford
Strider - Alaskan MalamuteDonutz716Kensington, CTHartford
The CorgiChrissyKensington, CTHartford
The music thats on my radio (3)Apeman691970kensington, CTHartford
Timberlin RacertheteekerKensington, CTHartford
Unhappy Ribit-er!Butterfly SuzyKensington, CTHartford
Wag IttheteekerKensington, CTHartford
Feast of the Seven Fishes (7)RubaducKensington/Southington, CTHartford
Mark Pepe=Chopped LiverRubaducKensington/Southington, CTHartford
Wait One MinuteRubaducKensington/Southington, CTHartford
AFC East Series (4)GeeTeeBeeManchester, CTHartford
Amadeuspartyguy&horse loverManchester, CTHartford
Best Breakfast in Town (2)DaturaManchester, CTHartford
Build a Snowman (9)LUNA crewManchester, CTHartford
Casey DucRubaducManchester, CTHartford
Casey Kasem Counts 'em Down (3)AdoptableManchester, CTHartford
Cat's Meow at Case Mountainteam tripletManchester, CTHartford
Charter Oak GreenwayBill & CraigManchester, CTHartford
Circle of FriendsLUNA crewManchester, CTHartford
Compass Rose: (Tools of the Trade)Sally-OManchester, CTHartford
Connecticut ABC Series: MConnfederateManchester, CTHartford
Dia de los Muertos II-ManchesterLUNA crewManchester, CTHartford
DON'T BUG ME (3)LUNA crewManchester, CTHartford
Dragonfly CatchersDragonfly CatchersManchester, CTHartford
Emily's First StampTroll and GoatsManchester, CTHartford
Falling for Fall (5)LUNA crewManchester, CTHartford
Fancy a Pint at the Tavern?SLManchester, CTHartford
Funny Funny B & DSLManchester, CTHartford
Funny Funny CBSLManchester, CTHartford
Funny Funny LSLManchester, CTHartford
Funny Funny OSLManchester, CTHartford
Funny Funny ZSLManchester, CTHartford
Ghost of Boxes PastRubaducManchester, CTHartford
Happy Mother's DaySLManchester, CTHartford
Hello Kitty Series (2)Lisa LisaManchester, CTHartford
If I Had a HammerpawcaManchester, CTHartford
Irish KevSLManchester, CTHartford
It's Music to My EarsSLManchester, CTHartford
It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! (7)Lisa LisaManchester, CTHartford
James Patterson Series (Part 1) (3)MayEveManchester, CTHartford
James Patterson Series (Part 2) (3)MayEveManchester, CTHartford
Keep Him Cold or Else...atlantictimeManchester, CTHartford
Let The Games Begin! (2)MayEveManchester, CTHartford
Little Liger LetterboxLUNA crewManchester, CTHartford
LTR # 2SLManchester, CTHartford
Man's Best Friend-BrandySLManchester, CTHartford
Man's Best Friend-JakeSLManchester, CTHartford
Man's Best Friend-MarmadukeSLManchester, CTHartford
Manchester Guardrails: Eat Your VeggiespawcaManchester, CTHartford
Manchester Guardrails: Flip Flop FixpawcaManchester, CTHartford
Manchester Guardrails: Pause for PawspawcaManchester, CTHartford
Manchester Guardrails: Pool SuppliespawcaManchester, CTHartford
Manchester Guardrails: Wee Willie WinkeypawcaManchester, CTHartford
Martial Music, War of the Rebellion: Hard CrackersConnfederateManchester, CTHartford
Morgans Delight (3)Morgan's FamilyManchester, CTHartford
Napoleon Dynamite sequal (9)Lisa Lisamanchester, CTHartford
National Parks...National Treasures (part 1) (3)Bungalow BoxerManchester, CTHartford
Outdoor OasisECHNManchester, CTHartford
Peace...in LithuanianChrissyManchester, CTHartford
Peas on EarthSally-OManchester, CTHartford
PinkeeSLManchester, CTHartford
POOPY's BOX : Penguin PlungeLUNA crewManchester, CTHartford
POOPY's NEW BOX (#2)LUNA crewManchester, CTHartford
Pushing Up Daisies #32pawcaManchester, CTHartford
R.O.V # 7SLManchester, CTHartford
R.O.V. # 1SLManchester, CTHartford
R.O.V. # 2SLManchester, CTHartford
R.O.V. # 20SLManchester, CTHartford
R.O.V. # 21SLManchester, CTHartford
R.O.V. # 24SLManchester, CTHartford
R.O.V. # 25SLManchester, CTHartford
R.O.V. # 3SLManchester, CTHartford
R.O.V. #12SLManchester, CTHartford
R.O.V. #18SLManchester, CTHartford
Resting Places XI: East CemeteryTyler, Emily & MomManchester, CTHartford
Robots in Disguise (2)Troll and GoatsManchester, CTHartford
SDRAWKCAB (3)butterflyMANCHESTER, CTHartford
Ship It (4)HillelManchester, CTHartford
Skiing KevSLManchester, CTHartford
The Domedreamers' Christmas Card 2012 (2)The DomedreamersManchester, CTHartford
The essence of...Flutterby Flew ByManchester, CTHartford
the secretLisa Lisamanchester, CTHartford
The Show That Never EndsSLManchester, CTHartford
There's a Skeeter....SLManchester, CTHartford
Things That Go Bump In The Night # 1- BatSLManchester, CTHartford
Things That Go Bump In The Night # 13-SpiderSLManchester, CTHartford
Thinking KevSLManchester, CTHartford
Tight Line Fever # 5SLManchester, CTHartford
Trekkie KevSLManchester, CTHartford
Visions of Sugar Plums...pawcaManchester, CTHartford
Who Let the Dogs Out? (3)Sally-OManchester, CTHartford
Yes,I'm a real animalLUNA crewManchester, CTHartford
You Did ItLucasManchester, CTHartford
theburbs camperPorter St ReservoirManchester/Bolton, CTHartford
Funny Tombstones#1 Mr. GilApeman691970Marion, CTHartford
Funny Tombstones#4 Mr. BenApeman691970marion, CTHartford
General RochambeauApeman691970Marion, CTHartford
"d" is for doorsDonutz716Marlborough, CTHartford
Banner of RohanDonutz716Marlborough, CTHartford
Don't Leaf Me Here: I See A Swear WordHez, Grumpy and MonaMarlborough, CTHartford
Eagle EyesBungalow BoxerMarlborough, CTHartford
Ferny LumpmesMarlborough, CTHartford
In Respect of Christopher ReeveDonutz716Marlborough, CTHartford
In Search of the Mad Gasser of Mattoon (ConfirmedWWWMarlborough, CTHartford
Love, Life and Happiness.CBMarlborough, CTHartford
Lunette - Gershom Bartlett #1Nomad Indian SaintMarlborough, CTHartford
Mary HallBungalow BoxerMarlborough, CTHartford
MES Iceberg LetterboxCluster 08Marlborough, CTHartford
Pushing Up Daisies #3pawcaMarlborough, CTHartford
Red Hat LetterboxtaylorsMarlborough, CTHartford
Richmond Memorial LibraryBungalow BoxerMarlborough, CTHartford
The Doors of DurinDonutz716Marlborough, CTHartford
The Stream LineCluster 08marlborough, CTHartford
Walk a Mile in My Shoe #1Duc's FanclubMarlborough, CTHartford
Along the NET: MeridenTrailhead TessieMeriden, CTHartford
CT Walkbook WestTrailhead TessieMeriden, CTHartford
Miceli Series- The Green Fairy Flies to QuinnipiacFrogger4Meriden, CTHartford
Out on the LimbtheteekerMeriden, CTHartford
Cartoon's in my Days#3 Wild E. CoyoteApeman691970middletown, CTHartford
Funny Tombstones#7 Mr. TedApeman691970middletown, CTHartford
These Are A Few of My Favorite Things... (4)The Flip FlopperMiddletown, CTHartford
A Family Divided (4)Tyler, Emily & MomNew Britain, CTHartford
Along the NET: New BritainTrailhead TessieNew Britain, CTHartford
Baseball Season Box #3Tyler, Emily & MomNew Britain, CTHartford
Deer in the WoodsTyler, Emily & MomNew Britain, CTHartford
Resting Places I: Saint Mary's CemeteryTyler, Emily & MomNew Britain, CTHartford
ROCRubaducNew Britain, CTHartford
ST. Thomas Cemetery Live TreasureNB boxesNew Britain, CTHartford
Stanley Quarter Park (2)Bungalow BoxerNew Britain, CTHartford
Togetherness Series (7) (8)Butterfly SuzyNew Britain, CTHartford
West Farm Guardrails: Reindeer Food?pawcaNew Britain, CTHartford
R.O.V. # 11SLNew Britain/Newington, CTHartford
Nature's Roller BladesRubaducNew Britain/Plainville, CTHartford
Tilcon TomRubaducNew Britain/Plainville, CTHartford
A Friendly HellopawcaNewington, CTHartford
Balf ParkRubaducNewington, CTHartford
Baseball Season Box #2Tyler, Emily & MomNewington, CTHartford
Berlin Turnpike Guardrails: Gingerbread GirlpawcaNewington, CTHartford
Berlin Turnpike Guardrails: Play BallpawcaNewington, CTHartford
Berlin Turnpike Guardrails: Sunny DaypawcaNewington, CTHartford
Berlin Turnpike Guardrails: Thank YoupawcaNewington, CTHartford
GeeTeeBee Charity Events: Freemason's 5KGeeTeeBeeNewington, CTHartford
Jacobs LadderRubaducNewington, CTHartford
Planet Fitness ResolutionpawcaNewington, CTHartford
Reading BugChildrensworkerNewington, CTHartford
Runaway TrainAgentTrain4Newington, CTHartford
Scattered Guardrails: WPOPpawcaNewington, CTHartford
The First EncounterTetraNewington, CTHartford
AmpooRubaducNorth Granby, CTHartford
Godard PreserveHappyHikingFamilyNorth Granby, CTHartford
LimpfligRubaducNorth Granby, CTHartford
Mary EdwardsHappyHikingFamilyNorth Granby, CTHartford
Cemetery Bug #14 Heartfelt ButterflyEagle & TeapotOxford, CTHartford
Along the NET: PlainvilleTrailhead TessiePlainville, CTHartford
Apeman's New Years resolutions (3)Apeman691970plainville, CTHartford
Baseball Season Box #4Tyler, Emily & MomPlainville, CTHartford
Brass Bonanza : Bring Back the Whalers !JeiPlainville, CTHartford
Cartoon's in my days #1 ThundercatsApeman691970plainville, CTHartford
Cartoon's in my days#2 Space GhostApeman691970plainville, CTHartford
Don't turn your back on the Wolf Pack!Apeman691970plainville, CTHartford
Funny Tombstones#6 Miss ImaApeman691970plainville, CTHartford
GeeTeeBee Charity Events: Petit Family FoundationGeeTeeBeePlainville, CTHartford
Indian Head: ASKUWHETEAUApeman691970plainville, CTHartford
Jacob's 1st Birthday Mini Series (3)Donutz716Plainville, CTHartford
Purple PeacePurple PeacePlainville, CTHartford
Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats! (4)Apeman691970plainville, CTHartford
Thundercats Villains---MonkianApeman691970plainville, CTHartford
Garden of MemoriesPsychoKatPlantsville, CTHartford
Miceli Series- The Green Fairy Flies to Panthorn PFrogger4Plantsville, CTHartford
One of my favorite carsApeman691970plantsville, CTHartford
Charlotte's Web PLB: WilburCherry ChapstickPostal, CTHartford
Invisible MonstersastriiRocky Hill, CTHartford
Near Flanders FieldHappyGoldenRocky Hill, CTHartford
Quarry Park (2)RubaducRocky Hill, CTHartford
Resting Places III: Col.Raymond F.Gates CemeteryTyler, Emily & MomRocky Hill, CTHartford
S'more letterboxing at Dino State Parks'more letterboxingRocky Hill, CTHartford
Shooting Star LBastriiRocky Hill, CTHartford
Trilobite FlowertheteekerRocky Hill, CTHartford
Walk Through Geologic Time (3)theteekerRocky Hill, CTHartford
I Double Dog DWARE Yew (3)TeamLEOSchultz Memorial Park, Simsbury, CTHartford
9th Birthday LetterboxFamilyof4HikersSimsbury, CTHartford
Along the NET: SimsburyTrailhead TessieSimsbury, CTHartford
army of 3 (3)spare tiressimsbury, CTHartford
Castles In The Air #12RubaducSimsbury, CTHartford
Cowboy's Trialrica123Simsbury, CTHartford
DEP Massacoe State Forestsee'emSimsbury, CTHartford
Do You Know Him?rtrwSimsbury, CTHartford
Dry Gullyrica123Simsbury, CTHartford
Element series EarthNORTHSTARSimsbury, CTHartford
EMS Limited EditionSparky ButterflySimsbury, CTHartford
Ethel Walker Woods Letterboxesrica123Simsbury, CTHartford
Fairytale Trail (6)GSLeaderSimsbury, CTHartford
Fallen Marshrica123Simsbury, CTHartford
Fern Coverica123Simsbury, CTHartford
FLDRubaducSimsbury, CTHartford
Gilbert & Sullivan Series # 3 (5)Bell LadySimsbury, CTHartford
Gnarled Stumprica123Simsbury, CTHartford
Golden AcornsMark & Sue PepeSimsbury, CTHartford
High Voltagerica123Simsbury, CTHartford
Hueblein TowerNORTHSTARSimsbury, CTHartford
IronHorse SafariMNGKSimsbury, CTHartford
Jeffrey O. PhelpsBookWormSimsbury, CTHartford
Just the Write SpotBoxMommaSimsbury, CTHartford
Leaves of 3 are GOOD for meBookWormSimsbury, CTHartford
Little Women's Story Boxrica123Simsbury, CTHartford
Maiden of the PoolNORTHSTARSimsbury, CTHartford
Mandala Tree of LifeSLSimsbury, CTHartford
Metacomet TrailTrailhead TessieSimsbury, CTHartford
Mini TowerRubaducSimsbury, CTHartford
Monkey Poison ®rtrwSimsbury, CTHartford
Rescue MeNORTHSTARSimsbury, CTHartford
Think Outside The BoxRubaducSimsbury, CTHartford
Three Furry Friends (3)Get Moving!Simsbury, CTHartford
Thundercats Villains#3 VulturemanApeman691970simsbury, CTHartford
Tower Tootin'Troop66388CTSimsbury, CTHartford
What a View!NORTHSTARSimsbury, CTHartford
What is It?rtrwSimsbury, CTHartford
Wind and StoneconSimsbury, CTHartford
Wizard's Treerica123Simsbury, CTHartford
AflacRubaducSimsbury/Bloomfield, CTHartford
Walking Webelos ForesterMickeyMouseSouth Glastonbury, CTHartford
And GeeTeeBee Begins...GeeTeeBeeSouth Windsor, CTHartford
Cute CluckersenjoinderSouth Windsor, CTHartford
IMS Lonkey LetterboxDark Wolfsouth windsor, CTHartford
Ims series (2)Dark Wolfsouth windsor, CTHartford
Into the Woods NHS (4)GranolaGalSouth Windsor, CTHartford
Major Donnelly's FalconMind RacerSouth Windsor, CTHartford
South Windsor Wildlife Sanctuary (3)ChoiSouth Windsor, CTHartford
Sticks and StonesECHNSouth Windsor, CTHartford
2012 (2)Trailhead TessieSouthington, CTHartford
Along the NET: SouthingtonTrailhead TessieSouthington, CTHartford
Big BoatRubaducSouthington, CTHartford
cartoon's in my days #8 beavis and Butthead (2)Apeman691970southington, CTHartford
Color Me Silly (4)RubaducSouthington, CTHartford
El Sombrero's mexican RestaurantApeman691970southington, CTHartford
eternal lifeApeman691970southington, CTHartford
Evolution of (APE) Man (5)Apeman691970southington, CTHartford
Funny Tombstones--DawnApeman691970southington, CTHartford
Gorillas in the mistApeman691970southington, CTHartford
Happy Birthday BookwormMVIVSouthington, CTHartford
Her Favorite Hobbyhappy hoosierSouthington, CTHartford
How to tell that you've really been naughty!Apeman691970southington, CTHartford
I scream! You scream!Apeman691970southington, CTHartford
I-84 R.S.RubaducSouthington, CTHartford
Inky Boy Goes to Crescent LakeHez, Grumpy and MonaSouthington, CTHartford
Inky Boy Goes to Libby's LumpHez, Grumpy and MonaSouthington, CTHartford
Libby's LumpRubaducSouthington, CTHartford
Miceli Series- The Green Fairy Flies to Crescent LFrogger4Southington, CTHartford
Michael MyersApeman691970southington, CTHartford
Michael Myers weapon of choiceApeman691970southington, CTHartford
mummies and grinnyville (2)weekend bendersouthington, CTHartford
Musical FruitApeman691970southington, CTHartford
My Family's Zodiac sign! (5)Apeman691970southington, CTHartford
National Parks (5)atlantictimeSouthington, CTHartford
Our Tree Sonsr3sonsSouthington, CTHartford
Playing Disc Golf with George (6)Apeman691970southington, CTHartford
Pool APA loozaApeman691970southington, CTHartford
Scattered Guardrails: New Sign for HDpawcaSouthington, CTHartford
scooby doo where are you? A haunting at panthorn p (4)Apeman691970southington, CTHartford
Scream's weapon of choiceApeman691970southington, CTHartford
SkippyRubaducSouthington, CTHartford
Southington Library and MuseumMVIVSouthington, CTHartford
Southington Reads ... and Drinks Coffee!PsychoKatSouthington, CTHartford
Squishy and FriendSquishy628Southington, CTHartford
Squishy's FoodSquishy628Southington, CTHartford
Sunset RockRubaducSouthington, CTHartford
The Cub Scout Trail (4)DenMomP72D4Southington, CTHartford
The friendly ghostApeman691970southington, CTHartford
The Masked MarauderBacon and EggsSouthington, CTHartford
The Tree by the 5th tee LetterboxtraildogSouthington, CTHartford
Thundercats Villains#2 JacklemanApeman691970southington, CTHartford
Ty's FrogsRubaducSouthington, CTHartford
Where, Oh Where, Has My Little Dog GoneLady MatildaSouthington, CTHartford
World Series 1923 the YankeesApeman691970southington, CTHartford
World Series 1927 The YankeesApeman691970Southington, CTHartford
World Series 1932 The YankeesApeman691970southington, CTHartford
World Series 2000 subway seriesApeman691970southington, CTHartford
Your Adventure Begins (3)Becky and PepperSouthington, CTHartford
Zachary's headApeman691970southington, CTHartford
Along the NET: SuffieldTrailhead TessieSuffield, CTHartford
Castles In The Air #5RubaducSuffield, CTHartford
It Ain't Gonna Snow No More (2)RubaducSuffield, CTHartford
It's For The Birds-EagleSLSuffield, CTHartford
Name Change: End Of The LineRubaducSuffield, CTHartford
Pillars of WaterPillars of WaterSuffield, CTHartford
Recreational Service Management 2006Suffield RegionalSuffield, CTHartford
Spencer Woods Letterbox (2)Leilani's AuntSuffield, CTHartford
This way? No, That Way (2)RubaducSuffield, CTHartford
Triathlon Series (3)White TornadoSuffield, CTHartford
BacallSilent DougTariffville, CTHartford
Grateful Letterbox: Blues for AllahConnfederateTariffville, CTHartford
Mormor's Doggiewest48Tariffville, CTHartford
My TRUE IdentityRubaducTariffville, CTHartford
Skyline SquirrelAdoptableTariffville, CTHartford
You are my Sunshine!west48Tariffville, CTHartford
Marsh MarigoldCluelessTerryville, CTHartford
GeeTeeBee Charity Events: Rotary International 5KGeeTeeBeeUnionville, CTHartford
Peanuts. (3)Bacon and EggsUnionville, CTHartford
Scattered Guardrails: Bike TrailpawcaUnionville, CTHartford
Suburban CemeteryRubaducUnionville, CTHartford
Suburban SeriesRubaducUnionville, CTHartford
The Howling CatDJ16Unionville, CTHartford
Wish I were a DucDuc's FanclubUnionville, CTHartford
Punch Buggy Redhurricane KatrynaVernon, CTHartford
Amazing RacertrwWest Granby, CTHartford
Barns (2)RubaducWest Granby, CTHartford
Barnyard TrioRubaducWest Granby, CTHartford
Clucky's CousinRubaducWest Granby, CTHartford
Cupcake in the Woodsjust for kidsWest Granby, CTHartford
Holcomb Farm (2)Jonah's WhalersWest Granby, CTHartford
The Purple Cow ReturnsCodyBCleoWest Granby, CTHartford
The Tree BoxJonah's WhalersWest Granby, CTHartford
Unlucky CluckyJonah's WhalersWest Granby, CTHartford
Whalers' New LookJonah's WhalersWest Granby, CTHartford
Which Way?RubaducWest Granby, CTHartford
A Special LetterboxBungalow BoxerWest Hartford, CTHartford
Along the NET: West HartfordTrailhead TessieWest Hartford, CTHartford
Alphabet DucRubaducWest Hartford, CTHartford
Anchors Away at University of HartfordSummer Place BoxersWest Hartford, CTHartford
Animals of Westmore (6)backtrackers2West Hartford, CTHartford
Another Sort of GuardianSparky ButterflyWest Hartford, CTHartford
Brownies 10474Cheshire-catWest Hartford, CTHartford
ChieftainSally-OWest Hartford, CTHartford
Connecticut ABC Series - BThe Bird StamperWest Hartford, CTHartford
Duc-y FlowersDuc's FanclubWest Hartford, CTHartford
Fenced InSummer Place BoxersWest Hartford, CTHartford
FidknopRubaducWest Hartford, CTHartford
Finger Rock Ct.RubaducWest Hartford, CTHartford
French HuguenotrtrwWest Hartford, CTHartford
Gotta Catch Em! Serie #1 (5)Sally-OWest Hartford, CTHartford
Hand CarvedRubaducWest Hartford, CTHartford
Hartford HawkUrban LetterboxerWest Hartford, CTHartford
High In The SkySummer Place BoxersWest Hartford, CTHartford
How Do You Mend A Broken Duc?RubaducWest Hartford, CTHartford
I Lift Them Up And Put Them DownRubaducWest Hartford, CTHartford
Impatient Cow & One Cool Cat (2)rtrwWest Hartford, CTHartford
Inky Boy Gets A Christmas TreeHez, Grumpy and MonaWest Hartford, CTHartford
It's Knot Fair (3)RubaducWest Hartford, CTHartford
Jonathan's DreamirishtinkerWest Hartford, CTHartford
Kilkenny RockRubaducWest Hartford, CTHartford
LERK (4)RubaducWest Hartford, CTHartford
Look it Up!ADKSarahWest Hartford, CTHartford
Mare in a HoleRubaducWest Hartford, CTHartford
Marilyn's Animals (3)backtrackers2West Hartford, CTHartford
Melanie (Friend)The EngraverWest Hartford, CTHartford
Memorial Day - MDC 2008Donutz716West Hartford, CTHartford
Miceli Series- The Green Fairy Flies to SpicebushFrogger4West Hartford, CTHartford
Miceli Series- The Green Fairy Flies to Trout BrooFrogger4West Hartford, CTHartford
MongetumelastriiWest Hartford, CTHartford
Morley Mustang-Brownies 10474Cheshire-catWest Hartford, CTHartford
Naure Wellness DrinkSally-OWest Hartford, CTHartford
NOT ON THIS ROADRubaducWest Hartford, CTHartford
Phoenix TreeBungalow BoxerWest Hartford, CTHartford
Purple Dream DragonSparky ButterflyWest Hartford, CTHartford
RTRW Birthday BoxodilioWest Hartford, CTHartford
Scattered Guardrails: Retro WallpaperpawcaWest Hartford, CTHartford
Scattered Guardrails: Stop and Smell the FlowerpawcaWest Hartford, CTHartford
Starducks CoffeeRubaducWest Hartford, CTHartford
Store BoughtRubaducWest Hartford, CTHartford
Summer Place SunSummer Place BoxersWest Hartford, CTHartford
The Coffee Series (9)rtrwWest Hartford, CTHartford
The Mane Thing (2)RubaducWest Hartford, CTHartford
Think PinkRubaducWest Hartford, CTHartford
ThreeRubaducWest Hartford, CTHartford
Three of Hearts (3)MDMTWest Hartford, CTHartford
Trees of 3s (4)MDMTWest Hartford, CTHartford
Triple Play Summer Place Boxes (3)Summer Place BoxersWest Hartford, CTHartford
Twin Rocks or Double Erratic?RubaducWest Hartford, CTHartford
VeasyRubaducWest Hartford, CTHartford
Web Hill Troop 467Rumford RoversWest Hartford, CTHartford
West Farms Guardrails: The Leprechaun Checked In.pawcaWest Hartford, CTHartford
West Hartford's Flat StanleyRubaducWest Hartford, CTHartford
Westmoor Park Trail (4)The Bird StamperWest Hartford, CTHartford
Westmoor Trail (2)pawcaWest Hartford, CTHartford
Wolcott Children's ForestSally-OWest Hartford, CTHartford
Would You Like To Swing On A StaririshtinkerWest Hartford, CTHartford
Peace on Earth - 2008pawcaWest Hartford/Bloomfield, CTHartford
We're Having A Party HitchHiker HostelpawcaWest Hartford/Bloomfield, CTHartford
Adder's TongueBell LadyWest Simsbury, CTHartford
Gilbert & Sullivan Series #1 (4)Bell LadyWest Simsbury, CTHartford
Gilbert & Sullivan Series #2 (4)Bell LadyWest Simsbury, CTHartford
Hartford County Bear Hugs (2)Bell LadyWest Simsbury, CTHartford
Make an OmeletpawcaWest Simsbury, CTHartford
Mr. and Mrs. (2)RubaducWest Simsbury, CTHartford
Onion Mt Park (6)BookWormWest Simsbury, CTHartford
Stratton Brook Spur TrailBill & CraigWest Simsbury, CTHartford
TMSBell LadyWest Simsbury, CTHartford
Suffield StonehengeSHS AgriscienceWest Suffield, CTHartford
Butterfly BrowniesBungalow BoxerWethersfield, CTHartford
Connecticut Alphabet (ABC) Series: WConnfederateWethersfield, CTHartford
Wethersfield LibraryWethplWethersfield, CTHartford
Wintergreen Woods (2)rtrwWethersfield, CTHartford
America's PrideChoiWindsor, CTHartford
Autumn FairyDonutz716Windsor, CTHartford
Bat Boysun 97Windsor, CTHartford
Brawndo: The Thirst MutilatorastriiWindsor, CTHartford
Butterfly Garden... (4)DaturaWindsor, CTHartford
Celestial Orbs (2)White TornadoWindsor, CTHartford
CoelophysisJagsWindsor, CTHartford
Do You Know Where This Tractor Is?RubaducWindsor, CTHartford
GAQLBE'09: Young Harry PotterSally-OWindsor, CTHartford
GAQLBE09: Go Green!Jonah's WhalersWindsor, CTHartford
Hooded MerganserbutterflyWindsor, CTHartford
Mini NW LetterboxSally-OWindsor, CTHartford
My Favorite Stinky ThingrtrwWindsor, CTHartford
Northwest Park (4)AdoptableWindsor, CTHartford
Northwest ParkrtrwWindsor, CTHartford
Operation: Spongebob (13)Sally-OWindsor, CTHartford
Perfect Sunday Afternoon Letterbox (3)rtrwWindsor, CTHartford
PLANT AN HERB GARDEN (5)butterflyWindsor, CTHartford
Released Into the Wilds (5)Sally-OWindsor, CTHartford
Resting Places XXII: Veterans Memorial CemeteryTyler, Emily & MomWindsor, CTHartford
SiriusSally-OWindsor, CTHartford
Slow PokeChoiWindsor, CTHartford
The Birds (8)butterflyWindsor, CTHartford
The Do-Dad StampRed Paisley QuilterWindsor, CTHartford
Tobacco HeritagertrwWindsor, CTHartford
Travel the World: Peking, ChinaSally-OWindsor, CTHartford
Winter SkatesDonutz716Windsor, CTHartford
Windsor Locks Canal TowpathBill & CraigWindsor Locks, CTHartford