Northern Wyoming Letterboxes

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Box NameOwnerNearby CityCounty    
View From the TopHalf EmptySheridan, WYSheridan
Petrified BuffaloTiernans of AZBuffalo, WYJohnson
TeggorSunny Side Up???, WYBig Horn
Cheesy Thank YouSunny Side Up???, WYJohnson
A Cete of BadgersarchaeofrogHyattville, WYBig Horn
Hulett's Treasures of the PastSD KidsHulett, WYCrook
Last Bighorn?Wisconsin HikerBig Horn, WYSheridan
Fish and FrogsarchaeofrogBig Horn, WYSheridan
Baqash was in WYBaqashGillette, WYCampbell
Steamboat PointHalf EmptyDayton, WYSheridan
GenericHalf EmptyMcManamen Park, Gillette, WYCampbell
Legend Rock PetroglyphsHalf EmptyThermopolis, WYHot Springs
King RopesHalf EmptySheridan, WYSheridan
Best Out WestHalf EmptySheridan, WYSheridan
Trout Shangri-LaHalf EmptyDayton, WYSheridan
Bucking Mule FallsHalf EmptyBurgess Junction, WYBig Horn
Pleasant Spot for LunchHalf EmptyBurgess Junction, WYBig Horn
Twin ButtesHalf EmptyBurgess Junction, WYSheridan
The Letterboxing Dowsing RodHalf EmptyWY, WYSheridan
Black Mountain LookoutHalf EmptyDayton, WYSheridan
CursedHalf EmptySheridan, WYSheridan
Summer Ice CreamHalf EmptyRanchester, WYSheridan
Last SoldierHalf EmptyBanner, WYSheridan
Fortune TellerHalf EmptyBuffalo, WYJohnson
Ravalli Spring ChickFrogiNaterGrass Creek, WYHot Springs
ZzzzzzHalf Empty???, WYSheridan
Kleenburn Recreation AreaHalf EmptyRanchester, WYSheridan
Sheridan HoboHalf EmptySheridan, WYSheridan
The Numbers of the BeastsHalf EmptyDayton, WYSheridan
At the Mountains of MadnessHalf EmptyBurgess Junction, WYSheridan
Native WyomingiteHalf EmptyDayton, WYSheridan
Connor BattlefieldHalf EmptyRanchester, WYSheridan
A Path Less TraveledRieslingsBurgess Junction, WYSheridan
SteamboatCoraleeDayton, WYSheridan
Register Cliffsknapp-kinsWheatland, WYWashakie
The Lost Texan Series #23-Wyoming**reported missinKantexanDevil's Tower Junction, WYCrook
The Lost Texan Series #24-WyomingKantexanSundance, WYCrook
Crook County 4-6: Sundance (3)yooperannSundance, WYCrook
Crook County 1-3: Beulah (3)yooperannBeulah, WYCrook