South Carolina Letterboxes

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Box NameOwnerNearby CityCounty    
East Coast Road Trip - South Carolinajb kokopelliBlacksburg, SCCherokee
'X' marks the spotGirl Scout Troop 3702Fort Mill, SCYork
The End of the RoadFlash!Fort Mill, SCYork
Don't feed the ducks!Girl Scout Troop 3636Fort Mill, SCYork
Lowcountry LegendlowcountrylegendsBeaufort, SCBeaufort
The Crazy Mushroom (2)crazikensBoiling Springs, SCSpartanburg
RoarRoarFort Mill, SCYork
The Fox and the Owl at the Fire TowerThe Fox and the OwlGreenville, SCGreenville
Baxter ButterflyGS Troop 1765Fort Mill, SCYork
katkatmanMcCormick, SCMcCormick
yellowsmileyellowsmilemccormick, SCMcCormick
pretty coolcha chaMccormick, SCMcCormick
Arsons Pay for Pepper Spray!wandaandpeteAbbeville, SCAbbeville
Lime BlueTJ_MichCharleston, SCCharleston
The Hatcher Beegrandma&lovinitSpartanburg, SCSpartanburg
Lost Box of Dew Drop WoodsJangDaniel Island, SCBerkeley
Cali DreamingCreeping DeathCharleston, SCCharleston
You are SWELL!hIkErs_123Wedgefield, SCSumter
The Golden Snake of AphosisTsiopIsle of Palms, SCCharleston
Long Pointe PlantationEdward TeachMount Pleasant, SCCharleston
A Happy Hello GreetinghappyhelloLittle River, SCHorry
Baqash was in SCfigureeightCleveland, SCGreenville
I scream you scream, the Dockins' family screams fDockins8Pickens, SCPickens
Oh, to be in the Isle of PalmsWilloWanderersIsle of Palms, SCCharleston
Dorothy's SlippersphyrelightColumbia, SCRichland
Safari BlendelgatonegroTravelers Rest, SCGreenville
Harvest Life's GiftsBaqashMountain Rest, SCOconee
The Love TreeSateliteYemasee, SCBeaufort
Visit A SoldierBlack River LaughingFort Jackson, SCRichland
Degotoga EdistoDegotogaEdisto Beach, SCColleton
ChcikasawMrs LAFSNorth Augusta, SCAiken
Devil's KitchenSilver EagleCleveland, SCGreenville
20 Questions Game 14 - PersonSilver EagleHardeeville, SCJasper
Butterfly ParadiseGirlsTogetherPawleys Island, SCGeorgetown
Girl Scouts Rock!!!SitarraColumbia, SCRichland
The Fish StampHanknCharlieIrmo/Lexington, SCLexington
Lonely LadybugssakelMyrtle Beach, SCHorry
Patriots to the EndBachs' BoxesCharleston, SCCharleston
Penn SchoolMrs LAFSSt. Helena Island, SCBeaufort
Congaree Park WebboxAzroadieGadsden, SCRichland
ballard testmonkeycat???, SCGreenville
RIP Daniel IslandCFamilyDaniel Island, SCBerkeley
Issaqueena FallsBKshadowWalhalla, SCOconee
Stumphouse Mountain TunnelBKshadowWalhalla, SCOconee
Soakin' Up The SunHippy HuntersSullivan's Island, SCCharleston
Damn YankeeHippy HuntersCharleston, SCCharleston
Fragile ArrowheadsApplefeetTravelers Rest, SCGreenville
MILLZILLA!TroubleGreenville, SCGreenville
Lives in the ChimneyApplefeetGreenville, SCGreenville
Loud, Wears CamoApplefeetGreenville, SCGreenville
A Man Called ParisApplefeetGreenville, SCGreenville
Crawdad HoleApplefeetGreenville, SCGreenville
Forest ResurrectionApplefeetGreenville, SCGreenville
Sphinx AQApplefeetGreenville, SCGreenville
Dixie's GemApplefeetGreenville, SCGreenville
Large, Shiny, and Squeaky (2)ApplefeetGreenville, SCGreenville
A Bunch of Oddballs (3)ApplefeetGreenville, SCGreenville
Fish CrowTroubleGreenville, SCGreenville
I Owe MothApplefeetGreenville, SCGreenville
Beads GaloreRacing FalconPawleys Island, SCGeorgetown
Superman and a TreeSatis HumanCherry Grove Beach, SCHorry
She's Expecting!The SaintsHilton Head Island, SCBeaufort
Travels of the Pineer DryadAmos333Greenville, SCGreenville
Happy Birthday AmericaCaradocLabsGreer, SCSpartanburg
Thanks!KirbertLeesburg, SCRichland
Boeing-Stearman Model 75KirbertOrangeburg, SCOrangeburg
Let's Play Ball!The 3 MusketeersFort Mill, SCYork
Poinsett Bridge - The Itsy Bitsy SpiderThe WebmastersLyman, SCGreenville
Seven Oakes Parkawsome letterboxsIrmo, SCLexington
Revolutionary Applessmores'r'usBlacksburg, SCCherokee
Take a long, cool drink...BugzmomAiken, SCAiken
Evil Ones at Hilton Head (2)Mark & Sue PepeHilton Head, SCBeaufort
Beaded BlissMoopiesMyrtle Beach, SCHorry
Trixie's Hikermountain buffaloHilton Head Island, SCBeaufort
Mountain WitchWisconsin HikerCleveland, SCGreenville
GAQLBE08: 3 for DaleKit KatGreer, SCGreenville
Peachtree Rock Preserve (2)mkpSwansea, SCLexington
Just Another Wild FlowerLittle ButterflyPickens, SCPickens
With This RingBox HuntersPawley's Island, SCGeorgetown
Snoopy's Doghouse HybridShrekletsNorth Augusta, SCAiken
Quotable PinckneyBluegrassBOXersMount Pleasant, SCCharleston
Outta the ParkChewy ChrisMurrells Inlet, SCHorry
The Many Faces of Jack (3)Palmetto PrincessLexington, SCLexington
Are You Superstitious?! (6)Palmetto PrincessLexington, SCLexington
Edisto Island PiratesRedClayBoxersEdisto Beach, SCColleton
Garden Trio (3)frogrocknladybugOrangeburg, SCOrangeburg
The Water WheelThe Wood FamilyMountain Rest, SCOconee
Riverfront Park Drive-ByfrogrocknladybugColumbia, SCRichland
Flower Power (SC)Palmetto PrincessWest Columbia, SCLexington
Timrods ' Hearts (2)Green TeaFlorence, SCFlorence
Whoo's there?Palmetto PrincessMt. Pleasant, SCCharleston
Aw, phooeyPalmetto PrincessMt. Pleasant, SCCharleston
Rock Around the ClockPalmetto PrincessMt. Pleasant, SCCharleston
The Ghost of William BaynardHaloHilton Head, SCBeaufort
The Salty Dog CafeHaloHilton Head, SCBeaufort
Doodlebox: EllieHaloHilton Head, SCBeaufort
Quotable NatureBluegrassBOXersMount Pleasant, SCCharleston
Among the Stacks (15)myRCPLColumbia, SCRichland
Quotable PlantationBluegrassBOXersMount Pleasant, SCCharleston
Amy's Birthday Boxfrogrocknladybugorangeburg, SCOrangeburg
Capital IdeaBox HuntersColumbia, SCRichland
Rebel YellBox HuntersColumbia, SCRichland
Flutter on by ButterflyPalmetto PrincessLexington, SCLexington
Sharks Tooththe Dawg PoundFlorence, SCFlorence
Nothing Could Be Finer than to be in CarolinaPalmetto PrincessIrmo, SCLexington
Floating LeafsunshinesIrmo, SCLexington
Little Medusa, Lost in the Forestsunshinescolumbia, SCRichland
Lions, Tiger, Bears Oh My!sunshinesColumbia, SCRichland
Tree CornerfrogrocknladybugOrangeburg, SCOrangeburg
Pelican PerchEagle RayHilton Head, SCBeaufort
Teasin Mr Alligator...(1)onelinkHardeeville, SCJasper
Teasin Mr Alligator...(2) (2)onelinkHardeeville, SCJasper
Teasin Mr Alligator...(3) (3)onelinkHardeeville, SCJasper
Teasin Mr Alligator...(4) (4)onelinkHardeeville, SCJasper
Teasin Mr. Alligator...(5) (6)onelinkHardeeville, SCJasper
Teasin Mr. Alligator...(6) (6)onelinkHardeeville, SCJasper
Haunted Upstate: The Horse's HeadElectric City FourWilliamston, SCAnderson
Hot ChocolateDragnladyHilton Head Island, SCBeaufort
Mr. & Mrs. Brer RabbitHagelish SiduriLadson, SCBerkeley
Movie Madness: SerenityRichards6Catawba, SCLancaster
Ms SpiderM5 familySpartanburg, SCSpartanburg
Ms. Spiders HomeM5 familySpartanburg, SCSpartanburg
Together saving the worldDLB67Spartanburg, SCSpartanburg
Captain PatchPapa BearGreenville, SCGreenville
Confederate CannonPalmetto PrincessSullivan's Island, SCCharleston
Santa's Landthe Dawg PoundFlorence, SCFlorence
Once upon a time.....the Dawg PoundFlorence, SCFlorence
Ashley Green WayAshley Green WayCharleston, SCCharleston
Poison Ivy / Green GatheringIsabeau???, SCCharleston
Irmo: Home of the Okra StrutBox HuntersIrmo, SCLexington
Training DayMrs LAFSNorth Augusta, SCAiken
City Park A to Z (26)T NutsSimpsonville, SCGreenville
Kid's Planet (3)JJJAKERGreer, SCGreenville
A Memorial to GracePalmetto PrincessMt Pleasant, SCCharleston
Palmetto State PridePalmetto PrincessMt Pleasant, SCCharleston
Time for AntiquingPalmetto PrincessMount Pleasant, SCCharleston
Teddy Bears' PicnicPalmetto PrincessLexington, SCLexington
Drama King Birthday BoxPalmetto PrincessLexington, SCLexington
Vintage Whine #1 The Whine GlassSomebunny scCleveland, SCGreenville
Pirate Pete's PlunderPalmetto PrincessLexington, SCLexington
Somewhere Over the RainbowPalmetto PrincessLexington, SCLexington
Old HickoryMcGIndian Land, SCLancaster
Africa #4ThreeBoxersGreenville, SCGreenville
A Birthday Bash @ Hitchcock Woods (2)vic and ccAiken, SCAiken
Africa #3ThreeBoxersTravelers Rest, SCGreenville
Linky StoneSomebunny scGreenville, SCGreenville
Africa #2ThreeBoxersTravelers Rest, SCGreenville
AfricaThreeBoxersTravelers Rest, SCGreenville
Hello DollydtandfamblyGreenville, SCGreenville
Mice on MaindtandfamblyGreenville, SCGreenville
Nikko's Monkeys (3)drgdlgWindsor, SCAiken
CampoutjomamaRidgeway, SCFairfield
Surfer Dude (in SC)ButtercupFolly Beach, SCCharleston
Solomon's BoxThreeBoxersGreenville, SCGreenville
Park by the Lake- On the way home from Myrtle BeacHunting for BoxesHartsville, SCDarlington
Woodland Wildflowers: TrilliumdtandfamblyCleveland, SCGreenville
Disney Lovers- Tarzan and JanedrgdlgSummerville, SCDorchester
Reflections: Done Runnin'drgdlgSummerville, SCDorchester
Historic Downtown Greer (2)JJJAKERGreer, SCGreenville
Anderson County MuseumElectric City FourAnderson, SCAnderson
Hopeland GardensakdtsamAiken, SCAiken
Green Boundary ClubakdtsamAiken, SCAiken
BanksiaakdtsamAiken, SCAiken
Tyrannosaurus Moo MooCamoBoy n' RabbitClemson, SCPickens
British Bird Series (3)ukusaNorth Augusta, SCAiken
Birthday BoxBox HuntersProsperity, SCNewberry
Only Footprints Left BehindBox HuntersProsperity, SCNewberry
Tree TroopersdtandfamblyPickens, SCPickens
2 ScoopsdtandfamblyPickens, SCPickens
The Only Rainbow in the LakedtandfamblyPickens, SCPickens
Hangman's NoosedtandfamblyTravelers Rest, SCGreenville
PoinsettiadtandfamblyTravelers Rest, SCGreenville
Cure For WartsdtandfamblyGowensville, SCGreenville
Bridges of Greenville County (3)dtandfamblyGreenville, SCGreenville
Carolina On My Mindvic and ccNorth Augusta, SCAiken
Virginia Hylton ParkThe Wall FamilyLexington, SCLexington
Leopards in the ForestdtandfamblyTravelers Rest, SCGreenville
Sun CatcherdtandfamblyTravelers Rest, SCGreenville
Bat HomeLet It SnowGreenville, SCGreenville
A Tribute To North AugustacarolinatreasureNorth Augusta, SCAiken
Greenville Co. Library System Series (12)GCLSGreenville, SCGreenville
Devils DeliriumdtandfamblyCeasar's Head, SCGreenville
Are We There Yet? (Folly Beach)a boxing we will goHilton Head, SCBeaufort
Campbell's Covered BridgeJJJAKERGreer, SCGreenville
Table Rock Duet (2)Paw Paw and GrannyPickens, SCPickens
Edisto Rose GardensfrogrocknladybugOrangeburg, SCOrangeburg
Skink's Face-offThe Hunter BearsHartsville, SCDarlington
Letterboxing at Simpsonville City Park (7)girlscoutold96Simpsonville, SCGreenville
Field of Dreams.HummCharleston, SCCharleston
A Spot of TealuckylukeCharleston, SCCharleston
Save the Light!nana banana bunchCharleston, SCCharleston
carolina jewelcarolinatreasurenorth augusta, SCAiken
Creatures By The Sea (4)FLEKSt. Helena, SCBeaufort
cabbage patch kidJJJAKERWalhalla, SCOconee
"I Challenge You to a Duel!"KitCatCharleston, SCCharleston
Snoop Sisters Trail (3)Lavender and LaceCharleston, SCCharleston
Charleston RiverdogsEli and AubreyCharleston, SCCharleston
TOADily Cool!JJJAKERGreenville, SCGreenville
Yellow JacketJJJAKERGreenville, SCGreenville
S.C. BitesTrail BlazersCharleston, SCCharleston
Disney Lovers- Simba and NaladrgdlgSpartanburg, SCSpartanburg
Take Only PicturesGreyCrazyNinety Six, SCGreenwood
Knot in Plain Sight (2)GreyCrazyNinety Six, SCGreenwood
Forever 'Flicted (or Snoopy's Come Home) <MISSIzoemommaGreenwood, SCGreenwood
A Tribute To HistoryzoemommaAbbeville, SCAbbeville
Blue HoseDLB67Clinton, SCLaurens
Blackbeard! (2)Runs for BeerJames Island, SCCharleston
Joyful SmurfAdoptableGreenville, SCGreenville
Knot in ParisRuns for BeerGreenville, SCGreenville
A Boxer's Life For MejensgreycarGreenville, SCGreenville
The LoyalistGingerGreenville, SCGreenville
Rainbow and WaterfallAmyricaGreenville, SCGreenville
Critters of Lake Placid (3)AdoptableGreenville, SCGreenville
A Game for Mommie DearestGreyCrazyGreenwood, SCGreenwood
The Limestone LetterBoxTrail BlazersJames Island, SCCharleston
"Hidden at Hidden Falls #2skyWalhalla, SCOconee
Key to the cityLavender and LaceCharleston, SCCharleston
Gold Rush 10/04jensgreycarChester, SCChester
Caput CaesarisGingerGreenville, SCGreenville
Kings MountainElderberrysBlacksburg, SCYork
Kings MountainjensgreycarBlacksburg, SCYork
Skipper's Hiding PlaceSomebunny scSpartanburg, SCSpartanburg
Dr. D Please!: Greyhound Stop #1GreyCrazyClinton, SCLaurens
Daddy's GirlsGreyCrazyNinety Six, SCGreenwood
Betty C. BirthdayUsagiColumbia, SCLexington
Nature Walkthe Dawg PoundFlorence, SCFlorence
Pecan Placethe Dawg PoundFlorence, SCFlorence
The Mermaidthe Dawg PoundFlorence, SCFlorence
A Walk in the Parkthe Dawg PoundFlorence, SCFlorence
Pinestraw Capital of the WorldAmandaPatrick, SCChesterfield
Florence National Cemeterythe Dawg PoundFlorence, SCFlorence
The Resting Bunnythe Dawg PoundFlorence, SCFlorence
The Heart of HartsvilleAdoptableHartsville, SCDarlington
Sunny Days / Veterans ParkGirlsTogetherSurfside Beach, SCHorry
You put your hand where!?CRNorth Charleston, SCCharleston
The Stumphouse TunnelCelticRiceWalhalla, SCOconee
Strictly for the BirdsAdoptableMount Pleasant, SCCharleston
South Carolina I-26Box HuntersColumbia, SCLexington
Mountain MermaidCelticRiceGreenville, SCGreenville
Operation Stamp Out (4)Ladybug (Kathy)Columbia, SCRichland
The Fighting GamecockBear530Stateburg, SCSumter