South East Kansas Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    Est. Hike
Cumberland Community robfire820 Douglass, KS Butler?
The Three Caballeros happydays El Dorado, KS Butler?
Clements Stone Bridge Hawk Clements, KS Chase?
Cottonwood River Bridge Hawk Cottonwood Falls, KS Chase?
The Courthouse Trail Mail Junkie Cottonwood/Strong City, KS Chase?
Flint Hills Fete Wronghat Matfield Green, KS Chase?
Pigskin Stamp Stash Adoptable Matfield Green, KS Chase?
Prairie Harvest Hawk Strong City, KS Chase?
Weary Willie DS Sedan, KS Chautauqua?
Route 66 - Rainbow Bridge hdangeruss Baxter Springs, KS Cherokee?
Route 66 Series--Rainbow Bridge Leapin' Lizards Baxter Springs, KS Cherokee?
We are the TITANS! Pinwheel Pioneer Columbus, KS Cherokee?
Better Big Brutus FrogiNater West Mineral, KS Cherokee?
Big Brutus hdangeruss West Mineral, KS Cherokee?
The Redmond Duck 4D Dragons Burlington, KS Coffey?
Fort Arkansas City Adoptable Newman Park, Arkansas City, KS Cowley?
Bananas For Gorillas The Spoon Thieves Pittsburg, KS Crawford?
come take a walk with the brady bunch thebradybunch Newton, KS Harvey?
The old wooden trussel bridge - lost - thebradybunch Newton, KS Harvey?
Chisholm Train Hollowtree North Newton, KS Harvey?
Sand Creek Trailhopper sand creek hopper North Newton, KS Harvey?
Kansas Swan Sierra Sally ???, KS Linn?
Petey the Snake Sierra Sally Jingo, KS Linn?
State Symbols - Kansas Light Travelers Marion, KS Marion?
Moonlite stroll Adoptable Canton Kansas, KS McPherson?
A Texan in Little Sweden Daisy and Onslow Lindsborg, KS McPherson?
Roosevelt Drive Adoptable Coffeyville, KS Montgomery?
Hobo Signs: Man with a gun Adoptable Independence, KS Montgomery?
Safari Museum Adoptable 111 North Lincoln Ave, Chanute, KS Neosho?
241 Bluebird brownies Starwood Camp Clearwater, KS Sedgwick?
Mulling Over Mulvane Wronghat Mulvane, KS Sedgwick?
Box of the Century Adoptable Wichita, KS Sedgwick?
Buc's Ranger Rick Lil' Bucs Wichita, KS Sedgwick?
Chicken Little Beach Gardens Academ Wichita, KS Sedgwick?
Chisholm Trail #6 happydays Wichita, KS Sedgwick?
Chisholm Trail #7 happydays Wichita, KS Sedgwick?
Kansas is OK, too !!! DS Wichita, KS Sedgwick?
Landlocked Flipper, Cowgirl Up, (2) Beach Gardens Academ Wichita, KS Sedgwick?
Now Thank We All The MonograMarauders Wichita, KS Sedgwick?
Pawnee Prairie Partial Adoptable Wichita, KS Sedgwick?
Pooh's Treasure Box Adoptable Wichita, KS Sedgwick?
Putt...Putt...To The Pizza Hut... BuncoQueen Wichita, KS Sedgwick?
Schools Out! The MonograMarauders Wichita, KS Sedgwick?
Sedgwick County Park Play Dr. Watson Wichita, KS Sedgwick?
Spring Break Fun Beach Gardens Academ Wichita, KS Sedgwick?
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (3) Adoptable Wichita, KS Sedgwick?
Troll's Treasure prairiepirates Wichita, KS Sedgwick?
Chisholm Trail #4 happydays Caldwell, KS Sumner?