Southern Vermont Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
HedwigSilver EagleArlington, VTBennington
Let's Play!FunhogArlington, VTBennington
West ArlingtonkittlekatzArlington, VTBennington
Paula Welden LetterboxRhysBennington, VTBennington
The Green Mountain BoyssuzietootsBennington, VTBennington
The Old Bennington '76 FlagsuzietootsBennington, VTBennington
We Love VermontsuzietootsDorset, VTBennington
Dellwood Cemetery (2)suzietootsManchester, VTBennington
Father Cat In ManchesterJ. PeterManchester, VTBennington
Hiking brings us to Great HeightssuzietootsManchester, VTBennington
Lincoln's HildenesuzietootsManchester, VTBennington
Lotsa Lincolns (2)Mark & Sue PepeManchester, VTBennington
Mount AntoneNora GordonManchester, VTBennington
Mr. Lincoln and his hatsuzietootsManchester, VTBennington
Mt Equinox Boxes (2)J. PeterManchester, VTBennington
Orvis Fly Fishing LetterboxsuzietootsManchester, VTBennington
Swiss Family MyersSwissFamilyMyersManchester, VTBennington
The Manchester Village LetterboxsuzietootsManchester, VTBennington
ECC LetterboxMark & Sue PepeN. Bennington, VTBennington
Gathering LeavesFunhogNorth Bennington, VTBennington
Hip-HopFunhogNorth Bennington, VTBennington
Ye Olde Gravel PitspinystarsPownal, VTBennington
Simply MerckgraywolfeRupert, VTBennington
Frankenstein Goes HomeMark & Sue PepeShaftsbury, VTBennington
Letterbox Under the LetterboxHugo NyowStamford, VTBennington
Green Mountain High LetterboxMusicMakersStratton, VTBennington
That Old Oompah BandwandaandpeteStratton, VTBennington
The Stratton Mountain LetterboxsuzietootsStratton, VTBennington
Branch PondMark & Sue PepeSunderland, VTBennington
Amy's Birthday Camping BoxBerkshire ButterflyWoodford, VTBennington
W.O.W-Wonders Of WoodfordIrisheyes006Woodford, VTBennington
Half Moon State Park - Nature TraillassiefamBomoseen/Fair Haven, VTRutland
Double Stonegoose&ganderBrandon, VTRutland
Punjab SpringJ. PeterBrandon, VTRutland
Duck in the HeadlightsJ. PeterChittenden/ Rochester, VTRutland
Lookout Belowpeace & balanceClarendon, VTRutland
Dragonrider visits VermontdragonriderEast Clarendon, VTRutland
Bug ColonyTurtle RunKillington, VTRutland
Busy Beaver & Beavers Lunch (2)MommaFoxKillington, VTRutland
Camp Loads of FunJessKillington, VTRutland
Dancing DueBaby BearKillington, VTRutland
James P. Taylordingus&dufusKillington, VTRutland
Kent PondMommaFoxKillington, VTRutland
Long Trail AleSilver EagleKillington, VTRutland
The Letterboxing Fool on the HillMark & Sue PepeKillington, VTRutland
The PoultneyThe Odd DucksPoultney, VTRutland
Pine Hill Park Lovepeace & balanceRutland, VTRutland
Pine Hill Park Peacepeace & balanceRutland, VTRutland
Pine Hill Park Strenghthpeace & balanceRutland, VTRutland
Rockin' DeerbranyonRutland, VTRutland
West Rutland Marsh BoardwalkRain E DayWest Rutland, VTRutland
Gotta Go???Mark & Sue Pepe??, VTWindham
Where Are We?Mark & Sue Pepe??, VTWindham
The LedgesConnfederate???, VTWindham
350 VermontCurious CrowBrattleboro, VTWindham
black mountainfive pea treesbrattleboro, VTWindham
Charlie's RunskaterwpiBrattleboro, VTWindham
hospice memorial gardenDorothyGayleBrattleboro, VTWindham
Lion's LeapMiXueBrattleboro, VTWindham
Small Group #2 VERMONTuneksiaBrattleboro, VTWindham
SpiketaylorsBrattleboro, VTWindham
Think WantastiquetMiXueBrattleboro, VTWindham
Fireplace at the ParkBevanQBrattleboro, VT, VTWindham
Maple Syrup - Origin & Destination (2)Wisconsin HikerDover, VTWindham
Vermont EiffelKairouDummerston-Brattleboro, VTWindham
Blondes Have More FunBaby BearGrafton, VTWindham
Hangman Game 60Silver EagleGrafton, VTWindham
East Coast Road Trip - Vermontjb kokopelliGuilford, VTWindham
"Our First VermontBasic PatrickJamaica, VTWindham
Ball Mountain DamscroughwellJamaica, VTWindham
Camping in Vermontpartyguy&horse loverJamaica, VTWindham
Penguins at the Falls!West Dover QuidditchJamaica, VTWindham
Hogback MountainClan FlettstoneMarlboro, VTWindham
Putney Mountain Boxes (2)MommaFoxPutney, VTWindham
Making MemoriesElRockingham, VTWindham
The CulvertMark & Sue PepeTownshend, VTWindham
3 Of a KindsummerstashWest Dover, VTWindham
A Carving Mentor (4)Mark & Sue PepeWest Dover, VTWindham
A Story Rooted in Our Past (4)Mark & Sue PepeWest Dover, VTWindham
A Viking & His LongboatS.I.C.C.West Dover, VTWindham
Fun on Mount Snow (2)Mark & Sue PepeWest Dover, VTWindham
I Am Watching You!!!Mark & Sue PepeWest Dover, VTWindham
Jammin' JavaMark & Sue PepeWest Dover, VTWindham
Leafing in the Past (4)Mark & Sue PepeWest Dover, VTWindham
Rooted in Vermont (4)Mark & Sue PepeWest Dover, VTWindham
Roots is Roots (3)Mark & Sue PepeWest Dover, VTWindham
The History of Letterboxing in the US (8)Mark & Sue PepeWest Dover, VTWindham
Toys Rooted in Our Past (5)Mark & Sue PepeWest Dover, VTWindham
Valley View SaloonMark & Sue PepeWest Dover, VTWindham
KiliMama & Baby Earhart at the PinnacleKiliMamaWestminster, VTWindham
Alternate EnergyMark & Sue PepeWilmington, VTWindham
Birds of a Feather Series (2)Mark & Sue PepeWilmington, VTWindham
Lucky LadyMark & Sue PepeWilmington, VTWindham
MSVTmojo612Wilmington, VTWindham
Partridge in a Pear TreeMark & Sue PepeWilmington, VTWindham
Polar Bear PrideHeather and DavidWilmington, VTWindham
Thanks, Bonnie! (4)Mark & Sue PepeWilmington, VTWindham
The Valley at DuskMark & Sue PepeWilmington, VTWindham
Vermont ViewMark & Sue PepeWilmington, VTWindham
What We Love About Vermont! (9)Mark & Sue PepeWilmington, VTWindham
Wolves at the Fire TowerWest Dover QuidditchWilmington, VTWindham
Ascutney GlidingLiajeaAscutney, VTWindsor
Lite One Little CandleRubaducAscutney, VTWindsor
Bicentennial Trail (2)RubaducBrownsville, VTWindsor
Brownsville LighthouseRubaducBrownsville, VTWindsor
Vermont BugRubaducBrownsville, VTWindsor
Phineas Gage - Which Way is North?sewsewbizzyCavendish, VTWindsor
Hartford To HartfordRubaducHartford, VTWindsor
The Lost and Found PurseNancy Drew and CrewHartford, VTWindsor
When You Finally Get To Pluto (2)RubaducHartford, VTWindsor
Wandering Kanaka #4 - Hartland, VTSymmetry in MotionHartland, VTWindsor
#1 goaliesoccerboyLudlow, VTWindsor
Boot Hillpurple coneflowerLudlow, VTWindsor
Buttermilk Falls surprisePsychoKatLudlow, VTWindsor
Okemo Summit (almost)PsychoKatLudlow, VTWindsor
Weeping Willowpurple coneflowerLudlow, VTWindsor
Pointing to The BluffcharlotteswebbNorwhich, VTWindsor
Shirt on a Linepurple coneflowerPerkinsville, VTWindsor
Revolutionary Soldierpurple coneflowerPlymouth, VTWindsor
The Plymouth Prizedahlins 4Plymouth, VTWindsor
Nice View It IsEyze on the PrizeQuechee, VTWindsor
Quechee GorgeMommaFoxQuechee, VTWindsor
Quechee Gorge letterboxThe Mad DoctorsQuechee, VTWindsor
Eye of ThangrisharJ. PeterRochester, VTWindsor
Vermont Country MillJiggsRockingham, VTWindsor
A box for Nonnie (I-89 Interstate Rest Area)Tiny TurtleSharon, VTWindsor
Springfield BogG, K and kidsSpringfield, VTWindsor
The Simpson Series (6)automan01440Springfield, VTWindsor
Toonerville Trail Series (4)purple coneflowerSpringfield, VTWindsor
Treehugger Roots #1: 05156Crazy TreehuggersSpringfield, VTWindsor
Ascutney Mountain LetterboxNH PumaWeathersfield, VTWindsor
Scattered Guardrails: Reindeer ParkingpawcaWeston, VTWindsor
Valley Quest (2)Mark & Sue PepeWhite River Junction, VTWindsor
All in a RowRubaducWindsor, VTWindsor
The Birthplace of VermontPrincess LeaWindsor, VTWindsor
Eshqua Bogpurple coneflowerWoodstock, VTWindsor
Sugarbush Cheese BlockMark & Sue PepeWoodstock, VTWindsor