Southwest Pennsylvania Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    Est. Hike
FNAF Phone Call Gassy Trails ALIQUIPPA, PA Beaver1 mi
The View is Great up Here! zingeras lb quest Ohiopyle, PA Fayette?
Curly Leaf zingeras lb quest Stoystown, PA Somerset.5 mi
Bring the Bunnies Back! Three Rivers South Park, PA Allegheny?
Beam Rocks Crayola Posse Somerset, PA Somerset?
KellyGirls Letterbox KellyGirls Hampton Township, PA Allegheny?
Nature's Rover Wild Roo's Crew Moon Township, PA Allegheny?
The Great Allegheny Passage #3 Dragonfly1 Rockwood, PA Somerset?
The Great Allegheny Passage #2 Dragonfly1 Rockwood, PA Somerset?
E and N's crazy box Neilac Pittsburgh, PA Allegheny?
Hartwood Acres: Troop 58011 Troop 58011 Pittsburgh, PA Allegheny?
Treehouse from Narnia The Dameron Four Aliquippa, PA Beaver?
Bird Park (4) WiserOldOwl Mt. Lebanon, PA Allegheny?
The Great Alleghney Passage #1 Dragonfly1 Rockwood, PA Somerset?
The Village Of Clinton jennthebiker between Freeport and Cadogan, PA Armstrong?
Brownie Troop 21401 Brownies 21401 Latrobe, PA Westmoreland?
Garden Fairies ArcherGirl123 Sewickley, PA Allegheny?
Lion Letterbox Neilac Pittsburgh, PA Allegheny?
Moon Brownies Moon Brownies Moon Township, PA Allegheny?
Old Spring Tea EasternDreamer Eighty Four, PA Washington?
Cliff Box Dragonfly1 Jennerstown, PA Somerset?
Acorns, Acorns Everywhere! FPP&R Sewickley, PA Allegheny?
BY Park - Den 4 boys Pack 201 Den 4 Trafford, PA Westmoreland?
Linbrook Park FPP&R Sewickley, PA Allegheny?
The Little Red School House Quilt Block Red Paisley Quilter Blairsville, PA Indiana?
Pioneer Girls Box pioneer girls Prince Galitzin State Park, Patton, PA Cambria?
Kayak the Que Dragonfly1 Boswell, PA Somerset?
Blue Run Trail Beth & Brett Indiana Township, PA Allegheny?
Scott and Marisa's First Letterbox Buddahscott Windber, PA Somerset?
Bushy Run Park / Cub Scout Pack 230 Log Cabin Locks Harrison City, PA Westmoreland?
PA Liberty Trail West Welcome Station Redfern Rambler Oakmont, PA Allegheny?
The Key To My Heart (3) mychan Murrysville, PA Westmoreland?
Fat Bird tspots Farmington, PA Fayette?
Hometown Heroes Series (4) Three Rivers Brentwood Borough, PA Allegheny?
The Crockpot 2 The crocks Indiana township, PA Allegheny?
Hartwood Acres (2) Beth & Brett Indiana Township, PA Allegheny?
The Tartans The Merry Pranksters Pittsburgh, PA Allegheny?
Mammoth Peas-n-carrots Mt. Pleasant, PA Westmoreland?
Fall Run (3) lunchinn Shaler, PA Allegheny?
WCP North Shore Warrendale, PA Allegheny?
4-Legged heroes lunchinn Pittsburgh, PA Allegheny?
Fall Leaf Donegal Dysfunctionals Somerset, PA Somerset?
Magic City The Crabapples Charleroi, PA Washington?
Emmerling Park (2) Beth & Brett Indiana Township, PA Allegheny?
BY Pond AmyMiaPirategirlzoe Trafford, PA Westmoreland?
Brownie Troop #23 Letterboxing Project (13) Brownie Troop #23 Beaver, PA Beaver?
Goldfinch #1 of 3 in feathered friends series Shields of faith Freeport, PA Armstrong?
The Great Flood jbzfarm Johnstown, PA Cambria?
Happy Birthday Pete! McKinney'chicks Slickville, PA Westmoreland?
Allegheny Trail Alliance Walkabout Buena Vista, PA Allegheny?
AM - 3 FishMan Pittsburgh, PA Allegheny?
Descending H2O Safari Man ???, PA Fayette?
A stroll across the Walking Bridge (2) Shields of faith Hyde Park/Leechburg, PA Westmoreland?
Caving Mole The Nature Lady Uniontown, PA Fayette?
it's a shower moonheart New Alexandria, PA Westmoreland?
Fort McIntosh DigitalMom Beaver, PA Beaver?
Gung Ho DigitalMom Beaver, PA Beaver?
Leaves of Two Mile (4) DigitalMom Beaver, PA Beaver?
Lynsey's Letterboxing Birthday Bash (11) Chembaker Beaver Falls, PA Beaver?
Campfire Rainbow Box RainbowFriends Pittsburgh, PA Allegheny?
Just Ducky in Dormont katz Dormont, PA Allegheny?
Pride of Pittsburgh #6: Pride on the Ice KPI's Pittsburgh, PA Allegheny?
Fisherman's Trail Shields of faith Ford City, PA Armstrong?
Keystone Power Adoptable Elderton, PA Armstrong?
Elderton Trail Elderton Trail Elderton, PA Armstrong?
Outlaw Country; The Originators: Willie Waylon and (3) KPI's Greensburg, PA Westmoreland?
Grindle Ridge Grunters Adoptable Seven Springs, PA Somerset?
Anda Panda #1 JanLewRew Aliquippa, PA Beaver?
Record Label #4: Epic KPI's Rector, PA Somerset?
Happy Birthday Celebration - (Removed) haniwa Indiana, PA Indiana?
Let me be your Guide - (Removed) haniwa Indiana, PA Indiana?
Snow Bunny Rainmaker Seven Springs, PA Somerset?
Eevil Smiley KPI's Greensburg, PA Westmoreland?
Bassenheim Stone Blast Furnance Larva Lady-ZZ Fombell, PA Beaver?
Lily's Quest (Series) (2) tasson Leechburg, PA Armstrong?
Tartan Territory Rainmaker Pittsburgh, PA Allegheny?
Le Confluent NattyBumppo & Walker Pittsburgh, PA Allegheny?
No Money, Honey KPI's Greensburg, PA Westmoreland?
Holy Turnpike! jbzfarm New Baltimore, PA Somerset?
Skater's beaverbobcats Brighton Twp., PA Beaver?
Tree Lover beaverbobcats Brighton Twp., PA Beaver?
Maple Syrup Camp beaverbobcats Brighton Twp, PA Beaver?
Bushy Run #1 letterboxing kids Harrison City, PA Westmoreland?
Bushy Run #2 letterboxing kids Harrison City, PA Westmoreland?
Richmond School House Adoptable Beaver, PA Beaver?
Dutch Ridge Elementary Wetlands Adoptable 2220 Dutch Ridge Road, Beaver, PA Beaver?
Biking Ant- **MISSING** Adoptable Pittsburgh, PA Allegheny?
It's "Free" man Donegal Dysfunctionals Wind Ridge, PA Greene?
Hereford Manor Lakes Series (14) Larva Lady-ZZ Fombell, PA Beaver?
The Castle Blue Merle Homer City, PA Indiana?
Frog in a log Blue Merle Indiana, PA Indiana?
Danny's Birthday Box Adoptable Pittsburgh/Findlay Township, PA Allegheny?
Memory Lane Adoptable Monessen, PA Westmoreland?
Buttermilk Falls, Beaver County Chembaker Beaver Falls, PA Beaver?
Happy Trails & Snails Chembaker Beaver Falls, PA Beaver?
Ghost Town The M&M's Indiana, PA Indiana?
Little Fisherman's Island Adoptable Somerset, PA Somerset?
Snail Box (National Day of Letterboxing) Adoptable Murrysville, PA Westmoreland?
What am I? Mystery animal series #3 **MISSING** Genetic Blend Moon, PA Allegheny?
THE TREES in Findlay Township Genetic Blend Pittsburgh/Imperial, PA Allegheny?
“9 Lives Traveling Series” -- Here Kitty, Kitty Jane & Joy Hendersonville, PA Allegheny?
Belle's Bell ithacabelle Pittsburgh, PA Allegheny?
Kiski Bridge Allen Saltsburg, PA Indiana?
Pride Of Pittsburgh (5) Safari Man Pittsburgh, PA Allegheny?
Shakespeare Mystery (5) Adoptable Bethel Park, PA Allegheny?
Double Your Fun at Gemini Ridge busybees Mt. Lebanon, PA Allegheny?
Rec Center Chainsaw Challenge Adoptable Pittsburgh, PA Allegheny?
Many Feathers The Aroostook Sleuth East Vandergrift, PA Westmoreland?
TwinLakes Lower #2 The Critters Greensburg, PA Westmoreland?
Robin Detective Girls The Aroostook Sleuth Apollo, PA Westmoreland?
Star Trek Spy Club Adoptable Apollo, PA Westmoreland?
Green Hornet Club Adoptable Apollo, PA Westmoreland?
Red Spot Explorers The Aroostook Sleuth Apollo, PA Westmoreland?
Trixie Belden The Aroostook Sleuth Apollo, PA Westmoreland?
Twin Lakes Upper #1 The Critters Greeensburg, PA Westmoreland?
Promenading Pooch *MISSING* Michaelb Pittsburgh, PA Allegheny?
Mrs. Darr's First Grade Adoptable Ligonier, PA Westmoreland?
East Ridge Frick Park PinkCat Pittsburgh, PA Allegheny?
Dragonfly Adoptable Blairsville, PA Westmoreland?
What am I? Mystery animal series #2 **MISSING** Genetic Blend Moon, PA Allegheny?
What am I? Mystery animal series #1 Genetic Blend Imperial, PA Allegheny?
Hoppy Hartwood - Missing Adoptable Dorseyville, PA Allegheny?
AUNT MISSY'S CHRISMOOSE LETTERBOX Adoptable Sewickley, PA Allegheny?
BHLC #1 Adoptable Ross Township - North Hills, PA Allegheny?
The BICYCLIST**currently in repair**see note Genetic Blend Findlay Township, PA Allegheny?
Coal power Allen Industry, PA Allegheny?
Caboose Letterbox **MISSING** Genetic Blend Imperial, PA Allegheny?
Leopold Lake Letterbox Genetic Blend Clinton, PA Allegheny?
Kayak Fleur de Lis Ohiopyle, PA Fayette?
Ghost Town Trail Adoptable Indiana, PA Indiana?
Ladybug Adoptable Murrysville, PA Westmoreland?
Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail Allen Johnstown, PA Cambria?
Northmoreland Park Allen Vanderfrift, PA Westmoreland?
Flat Rock Adoptable Ligonier, PA Westmoreland?
Fall Run Park Adoptable Shaler Twp., PA Allegheny?
Irma Kost Natural Area Adoptable Hampton Twp., PA Allegheny?
Sandy Cliffs Adoptable Wexford, PA Allegheny?
Livermore KPI's Blairsville, PA Westmoreland?
Pink Triangled Trailbrazers Adoptable Apollo, PA Westmoreland?
Montour Trail Adoptable McDonald, PA Washington?