Texas Panhandle Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    Est. Hike
Paducah Dragons Walksfar Paducah, TX Cottle?
Bouquet Walksfar Childress, TX Childress?
Buddy Holly 2 Silver Eagle Lubbock, TX Lubbock?
Rattlesnake Roundup Silver Eagle Sweetwater, TX Nolan?
Stratford Pheasant Walksfar Stratford, TX Sherman?
Tahoka Bulldog Walksfar Tahoka, TX Lynn?
Roadrunner 2 Walksfar Plains, TX Yoakum?
Quilt Piece Walksfar Brownfield, TX Terry?
STS-107 Silver Eagle Amarillo, TX Potter?
Secret Agent 8 Renegades ?, TX Mitchell?
Halfway there The Incredible MR. E Adrian, TX Oldham?
Avogadro's Mole Mika's Box Amarillo, TX Potter?
GIrl Scout Elf's Girl Scout Troop 5754 Amarillo, TX Potter?
TwoFer One PI Joe Canyon, TX Randall?
Bison Eidolon Wronghat Adrian, TX Oldham?
Pronghorn carcovet Borger, TX Hutchinson?
Stargazer Sculpture PartnersInCrime Lipscomb, TX Lipscomb?
Lipscomb Cemetery PartnersInCrime Lipscomb, TX Lipscomb?
Madam Queen Madam Queen Team Amarillo, TX Potter?
Make New Friends carcovet Panhandle, TX Carson?
Tortilla Jones and the Carnie Crusade The Spirit Seekers Lubbock, TX Lubbock?
Mitter Tmiff's Traveling Band - TRUMPET The Spirit Seekers Ralls, TX Crosby?
Mitter Tmiff's Traveling Band - TROMBONE The Spirit Seekers Crosbyton, TX Crosby?
DragonScouts Seadragon DragonMother Amarillo, TX Randall?
Our Guardian Angels Madam Dragonfly Silverton, TX Briscoe?
Flowers for Momma Madam Dragonfly Silverton, TX Briscoe?
Texas Rangers Hound Dawgs Dumas, TX Moore?
You can take the girl out of Turkey, but.... Wronghat Turkey, TX Hall?
Days 'O' Work (Get Smart) Jnco_hippie Amarillo, TX Randall?
Texas Route 66 Azroadie Glenrio, TX Oldham?
The Winds of Change Madam Dragonfly Floydada, TX Floyd?
Left My Heart in Texas FrogiNater Lariat, TX Parmer?
The Royal Book kickson66 Amarillo, TX Potter?
Shorty was here! series-Texas shorty Amarillo, TX Potter?
Circle Tour 2009 - Panhandle, TX Wag Time Circle Back, TX Bailey?
Chuck Wagon Gang jb kokopelli Bledsoe, TX Cochran?
Gary P. Nunn jb kokopelli Brownfield, TX Terry?
Town Without A Toothache jb kokopelli Hereford, TX Deaf Smith?
Italian POW Camp Chapel jb kokopelli Hereford, TX Deaf Smith?
Happy in Texas jb kokopelli Happy, TX Swisher?
Hereford, Texas jb kokopelli Hereford, TX Deaf Smith?
Hale Center Artists jb kokopelli Hale Center, TX Hale?
Ozymandias In Texas jb kokopelli Amarillo, TX Potter?
Combine City jb kokopelli Canyon, TX Randall?
White Gold in the Panhandle jb kokopelli Cotton Center, TX Hale?
The Celebrated Jackrabbit Roundup of Castro County Wag Time Dimmitt, TX Castro?
Haunted Natatorium jb kokopelli Amarillo, TX Potter?
Cactus, Texas jb kokopelli Cactus, TX Moore?
The Empty Saddle Wag Time Dalhart, TX Dallam?
The Stratford Station Wag Time Stratford, TX Sherman?
The Rolling Courthouse jb kokopelli Channing, TX Hartley?
Floating Mesa jb kokopelli Amarillo, TX Potter?
Devil's Rope/Route 66 Museums jb kokopelli McLean, TX Gray?
Oasis of the Panhandle jb kokopelli Canadian, TX Hemphill?
The Heart of Old Route 66 jb kokopelli McLean, TX Gray?
Things that Make You Go Hmmm jb kokopelli Groom, TX Carson?
Wagon Bridge jb kokopelli Canadian, TX Hemphill?
Where Cotton is King jb kokopelli Jericho, TX Donley?
VW Slug Bug Ranch jb kokopelli Conway, TX Carson?
Cow Calling Contest jb kokopelli Miami, TX Roberts?
Hank the Cow Dog jb kokopelli Perryton, TX Ochiltree?
The Windmill Collection Wag Time Spearman, TX Hansford?
Phillips 66 jb kokopelli McLean, TX Gray?
Pump Jack Projects jb kokopelli Borger, TX Hutchinson?
Swamp Gas in the Desert? jb kokopelli Borger, TX Hutchinson?
A Musical Fence jb kokopelli Pampa, TX Gray?
Aud jb kokopelli Canadian, TX Hemphill?
Will Rogers' Day jb kokopelli Higgins, TX Lipscomb?
Hud jb kokopelli Goodnight, TX Armstrong?
Gene Autry in Texas jb kokopelli Childress, TX Childress?
Bob Wills' Turkey Swing jb kokopelli Turkey, TX Hall?
Red River Plunge jb kokopelli Wellington, TX Collingsworth?
The Marlboro Man jb kokopelli Paducah, TX Cottle?
Gray Mule jb kokopelli Quitaque, TX Floyd?
Goodnight, Mr Goodnight jb kokopelli Goodnight, TX Armstrong?
Bob's Oil Well Station & Cafe (Reported Missin Wag Time Matador, TX Motley?
Mystery in Old Fairview Cemetery jb kokopelli Memphis, TX Hall?
Tarzan in Texas jb kokopelli Tarzan, TX Martin?
Texas Ranger Camp jb kokopelli Crosbyton, TX Crosby?
Llano Estacado Winds jb kokopelli Fluvanna, TX Garza?
Hoss Cartwright jb kokopelli O'Donnell, TX Lynn?
C.W. Post Wag Time Post, TX Garza?
Barry Corbin jb kokopelli Lamesa, TX Dawson?
A Former Courthouse jb kokopelli Rayner, TX Stonewall?
Thundering Herd in Putoff Canyon jb kokopelli Jayton, TX Kent?
The Writer From Guthrie jb kokopelli Guthrie, TX King?
The Roby 43 jb kokopelli Roby, TX Fisher?
The Four Sixes jb kokopelli Guthrie, TX King?
Urban Cowboy Spur jb kokopelli Spur, TX Dickens?
Boot Scoot and Wild Hog Fest jb kokopelli Rotan, TX Fisher?
Texas Spur jb kokopelli Spur, TX Dickens?
Dickens Springs jb kokopelli Dickens, TX Dickens?
The Owls Have It!! Pure Happiness Hale Center, TX Hale?
Lubbock Letterboxing 101 FisherOfMen Lubbock, TX Lubbock?
I CAN Maydelle QueenBee Sweetwater, TX Nolan?
A Granny's Love Maydelle QueenBee Westbrook, TX Mitchell?
A Deaf Artifact Maydelle QueenBee Big Spring, TX Howard?
Caprock Winery Baby Bear Lubbock, TX Lubbock?
Texas 66 Adoptable Shamrock, TX Wheeler?
Some Things Fishy Pup prints Amarillo, TX Randall?
Windy Memorial Adoptable Vega, TX Oldham?
Caprock Canyons State Park Adoptable Quitaque, TX Briscoe?
Clarity Tunnel Adoptable Quitaque, TX Briscoe?
Lizzie Mae's bookboy Amarillo, TX Potter?
Slow Elk Adoptable Shamrock, TX Wheeler?
Amarillo zoo letterbox bookboy Amarillo, TX Potter?
A Few Old Soreheads El Lobo Stanton, TX Martin?
Happy Trail's #3 skyhigh ???, TX Donley?
Texas Celestial Series #2 - Earth Star Seeker Earth, TX Lamb?
Palo Duro Mouse 2 Silver Eagle Randall, TX Randall?
Prarie Dog Fun FisherOfMen Lubbock, TX Lubbock?
George Strait Silver Eagle Amarillo, TX Potter?
Lighthouse (WOM) Eoghan Canyon, TX Randall?
Deadly Duck Walksfar Tascosa, TX Oldham?